April 20, 2021


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49 thoughts on “JP Morgan On Verge Of COLLAPSE! – Shares PLUNGE As They Warn Of MASSIVE RECESSION

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    ~ Josh

  2. Well Morgan is one thing that made America Ugly to free thinking in invention for all man kind.
    Perhaps the Dinosaurs fate they should suffer for the sins of their fathers

  3. Yes JPM is largest holder of physical and derivative silver,but the other side of that bet.In my humble opinion is
    The US Treasury eg Form of US Mint, JPM have proven Fraud against them….maybe all bets are off.
    P.s Jamie Dimon has a Heart…must have bought it from China.

  4. yes spread the news jp. morgan on getting out of the dollar, after 10 years of suppressing metalsand buying up all the physical silver and gold for themselves

  5. Things we can do to take our country back:

    1- Petition for a Redress of Grievances

    2- Sell all stocks/boycott retirement funds

    3- Pull money out of banks

    4- Grow gardens/raise food

    5- Stop consumerism

    6- Boycott bogus elections

    7- Stop paying taxes

    8- Protest

    9- Get cities/states/provinces on board

    10- Refuse military enlistment

    11- Quit government jobs

    12- Use decentralized cryptocurrency (boycott fiat)

    13- Boycott mainstream media

    14- Boycott all petroleum

    15- Exit establishment political parties

    16- Invest in physical precious metals

    17- Walk, ride bikes

    18- Make clothing, blankets, etc.

    19- Barter for goods/services

    20- Fight censorship and misinformation

    21- Stop paying rent/bills

    22- Strike

    23- Oppose ALL attempts to erode civil liberties

    24- Hold corrupt entities accountable

  6. Nobody's payin there ass back!Just the credit card and auto loan write offs in the trillions,throw in CRE/REO mortgages,multi trillion shale dept,small businesses defaulting out the ass,corporations defaulting leads me to believe EVERY US bank is insolvent!

  7. their loss is that they can't all the deposits of their clients as "profit"… insane… I wonder how much money they still have on hand…. people should pull all their money out while they still can. And it's not just JPM!! ALL BANKS!

  8. You of all people should know it's going to not a recession but a depression… BIG! time. This is going to take years if not a decade to come out of if we keep stream lining on this course of absolute DOOM and total erosion of unstable money spending by the cabal or globalist establishment

  9. Exactly what I've been thinking! SHAME on the brainwashed slaves!
    There is no excuse in this age of information to be ignorant to what is happening when it is so easy to find out and so obvious.

  10. It’s too late if they’ve already said it…..
    they’ve been pulling money out of their accounts and turning it into metals and mining companies, not to mention sending billion dollar shiploads of cocaine around the world. They know it’s already here, we are headed for something big and we’re all sat here blissfully unaware our world is about to change…

  11. Please start using crypto guys! counter economy is 1 of the two ways you hurt the evil enslaving the planet … the other is freeing minds so get out there and share this info !

  12. JPM on verge of collapse? Are you kidding? The lowest the stock dive was $79 and now it close at $90. Trump is going to pump all the financial stocks up to the moon. I have calls on financial stocks to recover. Trump has too much to lose. No worry. The financials will be artificially pump up for the next couple of months and let drop at a later time.

  13. HEY JOSH, please put out a video with a message to all law enforcement and military personnel to be on the right side when it could ts like RITCHEY FROM BOSTON just did. Pass it on

  14. The markets are definitely behaving irrationally especially if hedge fund managers and investors think that they can actually continue the stock market without the middle class they are the real reason a stock goes up or goes down without their money all you can do is print more fake money injected into the economy and buy back stocks, making the problem worse

  15. Still in Mexico? Slightly jealous but also worried about you man. It sounds like a curfew for the entire country is around the corner…and the virus is about to really hit Mexico hard. Wouldn't want you to be caught up in a panic…

  16. I have some bad news for the banks, I already got 95% of my money out. Most of it in precious metal and some cash along with food, ammo, and other supplies.

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