21 thoughts on “JRE MMA Show #95 with Brendan Schaub”
  1. What happens when someone hacks your brain? When we have implants in our brain how fast will the "government" start working on secret software that hacks into our thoughts?

  2. If Joe announced today that he is coming out of the closet and hes full blown gay and immediately asked Brendan to marry him..Is there anyone here who DOESN'T know what the answer would be?

  3. Brendan: "I bet you do New York in October. Think about how fast shit is poppin, think about how far ahead we are by July dude!".
    July 28th: How's that going for ya, Schaub?

  4. At about 2:50 when Joe said if you have flue and covid it counts. You can also just have any flu symptom it counts. Most people will have a flu symptom when they die. So all numbers are bullshit.

  5. Love Rogan. I wonder what Joe thinks about Brendan Shaub stealing Jokes. I know Rogan called out Carlos Macias will he call out his Boy Shaub. Brendan special totally exposes him. He’s not funny. He’s so lucky that Rohan’s has his back.

  6. Please get Bill Gates on your podcast and let him talk about his charity and stuff he’s been on a ton of schucks podcast I doubt he’d shut you down. I think misinformation about Bill gates is rampant he’s like Bernie in terms of his polarization. Plus conspiracy theory questions would be awesome!

  7. Welp, that Brovid-19 Science didn't age well. But how can you argue against Brendan "Murder Wasps (they're hornets) are in Washington D.C. (well, Washington State). "

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