April 20, 2021


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40 thoughts on “Julia Hartley-Brewer | 14-October-20

  1. The "circuit breaker" is not to get rid of the virus, nobody said it was, It’s to avoid a catastrophic situation comming up where hospitals are over run. It needs to happen sooner that later.

  2. A five year average as stated on the ONS site itself showed not a single week across those 5 years had anything less then 1,000 excess deaths per week from flu like illnesses, during peak flu season it went up considerably to more. Which we are currently in the rise in seasonal flu like illnesses.

    This BS from the government needs to stop

  3. I'm angry with the whole "speak" from Government which is absolute ridiculous rubbish that bears no resemblances to science at all…..'bubbles" "rule of six" "lockdown " etc now circuit breakers. What a nonsense….

  4. If you really think this dystopian farce that we're living through doesn't make any sense you're not looking at it from a proper perspective. From the point of view of the 'super elite' whose wettest dreams have always been about a totalitarian surveillance state with total control of everything, and every living thing on it it makes perfect sense. Ever heard of the internet of things….look it up because we are all going to be part of it. 'NOONE WILL BE LEFT BEHIND!!'

  5. As of 2019, the population density for the United Kingdom was 275 people per square kilometer. Of the countries which make up the United Kingdom, England is by far the most densely populated at 432 people per square kilometer

  6. With its more than 440 000 square kilometers, Sweden is the third-largest country of the 27 EU Member States in terms of area. Sweden is a sparsely populated country; on average there are only 23 people per square kilometre (compared with about 125 in Denmark and 48 worldwide).

  7. Been waiting for keir to challenge the government about lockdowns killing people for months then finally the clown comes out with this!
    There is a growing body of research the says A: lockdowns don’t work and B: lockdowns kill more people than are saved. Pretty sure the WHO have also changed tune and are urging governments to stop using lockdowns.

  8. Layla seems to be ignorant of what's actually going on in the UK? Are all doctors so blinkered and brainwashed? NHS are a disgrace, allowing people to die in suffering and pain whilst keeping hospitals empty for months on end, waiting hopefully for a Covid patient to appear. Disgusting. It's as if they get paid more for a Covid illness/death.

  9. I do not know of anyone who has had Cov19, been ill, died or know anyone who knows anyone who has been ill or died. No one in my family (spread across London, Cheshire, Scotland) knows of anyone becoming ill or dying either. What's going on?

  10. Catch covid to live longer.:
    Average age of people in the UK dying WITH covid is 82.4 years
    Average life expectancy is 80.2 years

    I reckon my 'science' is at least as compelling as any you've heard from a government adviser

  11. Leaders should lead not whine and debate publicly what they should do. A little less conversation, a little more action please. Look at Sweden or US – those are clear examples of decisive leadership.

  12. This virus is with us forever, we have to live with it ,we have to build immunity , that won't happen with us hiding behind masks and locked away in our homes. People at risk should lock away if they want , let the rest of us get on with it. What will be will be

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