April 20, 2021


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30 thoughts on “Julia Hartley-Brewer | 15-October-20

  1. I thought most of this and am relieved that other people feel the same way as me. Totally agree that the bulk of the hysteria is generated from and by the BBC and sky type of sensationalising reporting

  2. I can completely agree with Julia on this point of lockdown not being effective and the rates of infection. Here is Ireland we have had a spike in infection rate recently and the country is discussing imposing further restrictions again. I use the covid tracker app in ireland I can see the hospitalisation rate, particularly those currently in ICU (which is 31 for the whole country) is relatively stable. The mental and emotional effects are not being considered

  3. There are plenty of left wing people who believe exactly as Julia is expressing here, and who have signed the Barrington Declaration. Please let's not divide left and right over this. It is too important. I am ashamed that the Leadership of the Labour Party is providing so little opposition or intelligent alternatives. Jon Ashworth described Covid-19 as a deadly disease and this is entirely misleading. If Covid-19 is a deadly disease, what do we call ebola, cholera and typhoid? We must get this in perspective. The Barrington Declaration is not callous and uncaring. It is caring for those who really need it, and saving our economy and our country.

  4. Risk of coronavirus exposure on commercial aircraft ‘virtually non-existent’ – even if they’re FULL – according to a Department of Defense study carried out on United planes
    Source: daily mail newspaper

    So why are restaurants, gyms, schools closed ???

  5. The government do not care about you, they are exercising complete POWER over us. We are considered " useless eaters " and there is eugenics at play. Get rid of the old and disabled clear the costs of social care. Boris and his party have been disasterous, useless and bleedin STUPID. All bungling Boris will also let us down with Brexit as he is a Globalist and never wanted us to leave the EU. This will go down in history as the beginning of the " Troubles". What makes this government think there will be no protests and pushback as this bites even deeper. Yes Julia you and a caller were correct to say the middle classes don't give a damn as they are protected ( pension, sickpay, savings. ect ) With the continued price rises for food I am on a pension and I worry food will be too expensive, well its too expensive now. Thank you Julia love listening to you. Love and Light.👍🏻😊☕

  6. Love this show, but why does Julia keep saying the same silly thing as Dan Wotton?
    They keep saying that we haven't seen the covid rates predicted by Whitty and co a few weeks ago. That's because it was a prediction of what could happen if we did nothing at that time. Then some extra measures began.
    I'm not arguing the case for or against restrictions in this comment. I just want to point out a bit of silly talk which gets repeated every day by Julia and Dan.

  7. Lukashenko comes out and says that he was asked to shut down businesses in Belarus as has been done in the rest of the world in response to the mild COVID-19. He refused to do this despite being offered just under €1 billion by the IMF in collaboration with the WEF.

    So if Belarus was offered €1 billion one can imagine the billions that were offered to the British cabinet. No wonder they are still so keen at keeping the lockdown going despite the lack of medical or scientific evidence!

  8. How come whenever the BBC interview people in the street about covid they choose people who are wearing masks even though they are in the street or in a park and all agree that we need the restrictions. I haven't met anyone who wants more restrictions and believe lockdown works. Another example of bias BBC

  9. Where are the 137 deaths ina single day? The NHS stats don't say that. 137 may have been reported in a day, they didn't die on that day. This needs to be called out.

  10. The politicians and their handlers are well aware of what they are doing. The family unit is the backbone of society. Children should be brought up and nurtured in a loving environment. There are some families where this may not be happening even without the present situation but with increasing, deliberately caused , distress from job losses and suicide the agenda to destroy the family unit is becoming apparent. Your children will become the property of the tyrannical state. This may have sounded unbelievable precovid scam but then the NWO situation allows them more and more control and even the ability to depopulate the world through mass vaccination programs to suit the elite classes.

  11. The World Health Organization (WHO) announced Sunday that it no longer recommends economic lockdowns to fight the novel coronavirus, effectively reversing its position. Look at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis: “We understand what we need to do to fight COVID. But we will never do any of these lockdowns again. I hear people say they'll shut down the country and honestly I cringe.” As a recent study noted, lockdowns are projected to cost ten times as many life years as the virus itself. Doing it again would be genuinely cringeworthy, as Governor DeSantis notes. Future lockdowns should be resisted at every level.

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