May 13, 2021


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40 thoughts on “Julia Hartley-Brewer | 27-Jan-21

  1. You don't need to work hard trying to get me to have the vaccine as I am not having it, what part of that do you not understand Robert?, NO I will not be persuaded

  2. Jenrick, basically Lockdowns are our strategy because we have no other idea of what to do here. Well folks get ready for the same scenario next winter. No way am I putting myself through this again, not with these utter morons captaining the ship.

  3. The NHS works alright but if you invite into the country masses of people without the infrastructure this is what you get get our numbers down to the levels we can cope with

  4. Deaths are a result of these awful lockdowns. Quite frankly, how many of these deaths are actually COVID?
    I do not believe that number of deaths are all COVID at all. Sounds like total fear mongering crap.

  5. How can a conversation about the covid death toll take place when the death toll itself is widely disputed? This number has been ramped up disingenuously through the PCR testing regime that includes all cause mortality in the covid death number regardless of whether they died of covid or other causes e.g. accidents, other serious health conditions!!! A positive PCR test as most of us are now aware, is far from a death sentence, but if you die within 60 days of having one, you will become another covid statistic!! Makes the whole discussion baseless.

  6. Anna brees was getting the publics stories out and it would appear that she was censored. She was doing sterling work and gave the public an opportunity to be heard on her platform. Anna is an Amazing journalist and was silenced.

  7. The Centre for Brexit Studies?? How wishy washy. You are much too direct for the Representative you interviewed. They would never accept you, because your frankness, for a job Julia.

  8. In response to the interview with Danny Mortimer. I'd imagine that if you had tested everybody for flu in hospitals every winter over the years then the death rate for flu would have been much higher. I think this is a major problem with testing everybody in hospitals for a transmissible virus, and probably mass testing in general. Who knows what the equivalent figures of other transmissible virus would be if we tested for them in every death?

  9. Covid has been defeated in India. Say what? Yes, look at the numbers. They are done with it in India. What was done wrongly from the start was preoccupation with stopping the spread. Quite the opposite, we should have encouraged the spread heading for herd immunity leveraging the hyper contagiousness of the virus. We should have been past this long ago.

  10. You can forget putting more money into the NHS , it’s a health service that’s broken and needs to be massively reorganized before you start pumping billions more into it . Every time the NHs gets more money they just burn it on administration , management , stupid woke programs . Marketing consultants and nothing ever happens for the patients .

  11. Radiation sickness – flu like symptoms. radar sickness – insomnia , anxiety , severe depression , social disorder. Testing transmission and waves. 60Ghz and oxygen attenuation. Frequency affects us.

  12. were does the virus come from? what country has, had the most oap,s, this is the why! and others has taken advantage of the virus by allowing oap,s to return back in to care homes knowing that they had covid, clap clap, the virus was man made to do one thing, kill most oap,s and those with health conditions, and isn't it convenient that you have all these young men arriving all over Europe to replace and pay taxes of those that would have been considered a burden and a drain to government coffers.

  13. Why don't you ask these politicians what happens with the next virus? we are already bankrupt with far more non covid deaths in the years to come so will we lose another year of our precious time on earth as well as putting the final nail in our economy?

  14. No more money for the NHS.Stop the waste.Stop the corruption of brown envelope deals with the suppliers.Sack the inefficient and bloated middle management hangers-on.Modernise the system completely.OMG they are stiil pushing around trolleys loaded with patients medical history.Where are their computers?.This is 2021,they're still in the 1950's.

  15. Mark Harper MP, finally an MP with common sense and balance. It's a shame his party isn't filled with people who share those views. It's a shame we don't have a Prime Minister who is brave enough to do the right thing for both people and the economy.

  16. Deaths from or with Covid are not separated, we are being duped by the NHS fudging the figures and the government are complicit in this. No flu or pneumonia. The real scandal here is also the additional impact relating to shutting down other services in hospitals and GP surgeries, how many have died due to the government and sages lockdown policies ? When this has blown over, those responsible for many additional deaths will NOT be held accountable, this is why the system is broken, they no longer serve our best interests IMO

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