March 5, 2021


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Julian Assange’s letztes Interview vor seiner Verhaftung in London

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22 thoughts on “Julian Assange’s letztes Interview vor seiner Verhaftung in London

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  2. Journalisten dieser Welt schaut auf Julian Assange! Er zeigt wie eure Zukunft aussieht, wenn ihr weiterhin so donnernd schweigt. Die USA warnen unverblümt alle kritische Journalisten und Whistleblower weltweit mit dem Schauprozess in London. Das ist eine kafkaeske Farce und Schande für die gesamte westliche Demokratie! Zur Unterstützung von Julian Assange habe ich einen Whistleblower Song geschrieben: Für die Zukunftsfähigkeit der Menschheit brauchen wir Transparenz und friedliche Lösungen. Die Kriegsindustrie muss kritisiert werden dürfen in einer Demokratie. Free Julian Assange!

  3. In The Netherlands a mayor do false police rapport after I expose him an police(who mistreat me) in 2010, the false rapport where 6-2011( after he let me arrested 30-6-2011, while I got arrested there was no police rapport he let this do after I got arrested(the mayor Ferd Crone where involved the Dutch “royals” case childabuse 1983 he where before member parliament denhaag but when “they” hear that I try to live leeuwarden he where sent to leeuwarden as mayor), I got 3 months remand then i got free, and got conditions of probation that I don’t can photography anymore, because I make always photos to have proof. When I for the first time mistreatment 4-2010, the police leeuwarden refuse to make rapport. Because I had a lot off pain (for the mistreatment 4-2010) and hospital medical centrum leeuwarden refuse to do chech me an make photos of my body, dr Chartieu advice me to go other hospital I go there and as proof I got sister of me with me. The result where I had many badly bruised ribs. When I knows this I make an appointment with police DenHaag(The Haque) telling them when I came there, that I want to make an police rapport of police leeuwarden, they refuse this, and only make problems at the door police station ( Jan Hendriklaan), it where evening so I can legal parking the car free for police station, they give me parking ticket an treated me to arrested. There where more then 8 corrupt bully tyrants involved. So I drove back home leeuwarden its nearby 200 km . The next appointment where by police Rotterdam als I had appointment in the evening ( by headquarters in front of town hall, the same happened as by police DenHaag, when the hear that I want to do police rapport they refuse it, but threaten me to take car (Volvo v40) to be towed away and arrest me, they want to to be towed away because I didn’t go away, because I want to make complains against police by mayor Aboutaleb next morning., he where responsible for police. The people (cival servants) in town hall refuse to sign for the letter mayor.So I try to give the letter by special entrance for alderman and councils, but they refuse to sign for it as well, so I had to wait for more then 2 hours that mayor comes to “his”
    Office, the chauffeur and mayor where afraid to come out car, so they ask tyrants police to come over because I where waiting for the door. When police come mayor ask them to take me back to the streets, because the entrance was in alley. I go with the police back to the streets, and told what’s happened since last night, he go back to mayor I think and explain it, the mayor are afraid to take letter from me, so he order that cival servants in city hall most sign for the letter, the police escort me to city hall. Then I drove back home to leeuwarden from Rotterdam it’s 170 kilometer. After I got back and police hear that I try to do rapport on them they mistreat me an other time.
    The mayor Aboutaleb where also later involved brielle violations HumanRights and als do with police Rotterdam-Rijnmond violations HumanRights 2013, I have all proof. Sinserly whistleblower since 1974 and privat investigator with before got license government, POB311 see me on Twitter @Time4worldwide(-CHANGE)
    The mayor Aboutaleb got the reward to helping the pedophile family Dutch “royals” to violate my rights, so he invited 2016 bilderberg group. 🤫🤓

  4. I hope I can find this in english..I for one would love to meet Julian in person to let him know how much I appreciate what he did for America…My grandchildren and great grandchildren will always live in a free America..May God shine his face on you Julian and richly bless you for the rest of you life…

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