February 25, 2021


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35 thoughts on “Kentucky is in Syria (and other anomalies of MSM geography) – #PropagandaWatch

  1. Please keep it up. Besides you, I need recommendations of other people you see as "clear heads"? Oliver Stone," Untold History of United States" , is Eye Opening at a Minimum???? People need to know sites that are exposing?? Please keep me/everyone of places to get the, "Real" info. Love ya bro, stay cool.

  2. Speaking of geography, apparently BBC aired a story of a Taliban attack in Pakistan some years ago. Included were mourners for a boy killed at the school who also happened to be killed at the Sandy Hook school shooting. The photo of the boy is identical. BBC acknowledged "the mistake" but failed to explain how they found "family members" to hold up the photo.

  3. Greta is, re-gretta-bly ugly. Dude looks like a lady. Adams apple haning out, or always wearing a collared shirt. Sounds like a guy. But according to the lame stream media, if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it must be an elephant.

  4. A double whamy, propaganda using incorrect images and news bias: widespread reporting started by CNN of Trumps inauguration using photos few hours before comparing Obamas inauguration at it's peak (fun fact Trump had a bigger turnout).

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