Hey Machine Learning Engineers 👋,

we are Kermit.ai and our mission is to become the world’s “go to” platform for NLP researchers and practitioners to accelerate and simplify their machine learning data management process.

You struggle over data annotation? We got you covered.

You suffer from biased data? We got you covered.

You have trouble versioning your data? Guess what.. we got you covered.

r/artificial - Kermit isn’t just a frog, but your one stop ML data management platform

Kermit.ai supports you throughout the entire ML Data Management Process:

  • Managing Data

  • Annotating Data

  • Preparing Data

  • Identifying Outliers in Data

  • Visualizing, Curating and Searching Data

Visit us at kermit.ai to sign up for the waitlist and learn more.

Keep engineering 🧑🏽‍💻,


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