May 14, 2021


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Kevin O'Sullivan's Saturday Breakfast | 7am-10am | 17-Apr-21

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19 thoughts on “Kevin O'Sullivan's Saturday Breakfast | 7am-10am | 17-Apr-21

  1. on the bright side .. my goodness isnt EMILY a beautiful english rose .. amazing smile .. a beautiful lady knows what she is talking about .. very professional .. a ray of sunshine .. in what is kevins miserable world lol

  2. kevin stop waffling on about the brothers not walking together.. everyone go back to dianas funeral .. they DIDNT WALK ALONG TOGETHER THEN EITHER THEY HAD DIANAS BROTHER IN BETWEEN THEM .. so just shut up you miserable man

  3. Blah, Blah, dead royal BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. The bloke stopped sucking air over a week ago ffs. WHAT DID PHILIP SAY? NO FUSS!
    Yet here we are. O'Sullivan cant stop gossiping about it even at 7.A.M.
    PATHETIC. No better than the BBC canceling all programs on all channels.
    PHILIP this, HARRY that, QUEEN this, ANDREW that.

  4. no, Harry thinks that Harry is the greatest thing that hit planet Earth…he doesn't give a rat's ptootie about any of the Royals. Megs flew when she was further along with Archie. She's not even 7 mos pregnant if she's due in the summer as she says.

  5. Sack all politicians,hire a bunch of marxists,mandate overalls in one colour to be worn
    You get choice of two names when starting primary and at 16 we all get paid the same and buy our stuff from gov store
    We'll all be a lot happier,i promise you

  6. How do you know they are feuding and have to walk separately. Peter Philip's is the ELDEST Grandson and therefore SHOULD be the central figure between the other two! What a load of fkng crap you are spouting. YOU HAVE PROVEN WRONG AS USUAL, Haz-been, Kate & William chatting after the funeral service, shows HOW SICK YOU ARE

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