October 23, 2021


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Kevin Wadsworth: All Bets Are Off If Gold Falls Below $1,675

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25 thoughts on “Kevin Wadsworth: All Bets Are Off If Gold Falls Below $1,675

  1. I hope precious metals crash because that is what I am waiting for before I back up the truck! Only problem is there may not be any metal available for purchase then I switch to miners or the sprott physical metal trust! Plan A and plan B is how I roll!

  2. I wish I could remember who I listened to on YT that stated that gold could see $1500 and silver $17. It was last year I believe. I am not concerned that it could drop that low. That is artificial and meant to benefit banksters, Wall St, The Fed, and the US Government. I have a chunk of fiat waiting for that drop.
    These types of videos concern "investors" and those playing Shorts. I play the "Things are not going to end well" angle and plan accordingly.

  3. I dont see the total collapse of the western fiat model economy factored into these charts. For years i've watched people talking about chart predictions and they are only 50% accurate and im being generous. Quite frankly i dont think charts mean shit when you are travelling through an economic environment that has never been experienced by us. Dont worry about charts. If you want to know whats going to happen next read about the collapse of the Roman empire under Diocletian and keep stacking

  4. This knowledge and wisdom should be with Gold and Silver bugs never value your Wealth in paper a liability. Value your Wealth in ounces real money. This is extremely important especially with a financial meltdown and collapse this year. If you don’t understand this then you will be flat broke.

  5. get ready 10% and 6 months the metals will dump 10% from this moment from the time of this podcast 10%, a few months later the crash will come maybe about the same time cash is the place to be after the crash and the bond market crash bond market crash means no liquidity why don't you people understand that no liquidity means higher interest rates they want your cash don't give them your cash America will be on fire sale again catch it by what you need from these foreclosures repossessions etc when you get all you want then go into metals the rest is all crap

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