May 14, 2021


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Kevin Wadsworth: Silver to Break $30 in Three Weeks, New Highs by September 2021

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31 thoughts on “Kevin Wadsworth: Silver to Break $30 in Three Weeks, New Highs by September 2021

  1. As a feature for my dashboard and for a spur of the moment reflection on up to the moment physical silver prices, I find it useful to visit eBay's site.

    Index "Silver Bullion", "Silver Round" or "Silver AEW". BE sure to click on AUCTION. (Don't worry- you're not involved in any auction unless you want to be. In which case you have to further connect in certain ways that are failproof.)

    Look for the red print on current price bids to see what piece of silver will close within minutes. It's fun to watch the amount go up towards the end of each bidding. Keep in mind to figure in the shipping amount while adding the total to determine how much that physical silver piece is being purchased for, as that was part of the deal.

    Over all very revealing!

  2. Silver is being hammered right now. The powers that be have total control. As long as mining companies are willing to sell their silver at these prices, the punishment will continue. As long as investors don't take delivery, the punishment will continue. Don't buy mining companies. You then become the problem instead of the solution.

  3. Just buy a few ounces of silver each month. IMHO you will be very pleased in a few years. Currency debasement, demand exceeding supply and increased investment demand will force the price higher, again IMHO.

  4. One NOTE: NEVER in history of the world has one organization [Central Banks] around the world Simultaneously “creating money” from thin air. They successfully decoupled physical gold & silver from all the fiat which now we know why!!!

  5. I don't think the astrology of technical analysis has anything to do with it. It's all dependent on the real interest rate, which you can see for yourself if you put the ten year treasury rate on your screen at the same time as the live gold and silver price. Real interest is the interest shown on the ten year treasury rate minus the inflation rate, which may result in a negative number, and would drive up precious metals prices.

  6. So fiat debt is in an exponential phase. Do when you "take profits" out of hard money (gold silver btc) and into presumably in fiat this July/August then what is maintaining your purchasing power?

  7. Kevin's prediction is very close to Erik Hadick (Insiide Track trading) projection for both Gold & Silver this summer

  8. Mr. Wadsworth is wrong this time if he looks at previous cycle charts of money crisis. This time it is a different ballgame. When Gold and Silver take off this time they will pass through all time highs. Then the heard mentality will kick in and we will be off to higher levels. Then the Banks will go long. This is unstoppable

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