September 17, 2021


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Koch's Postulates: Germ School Dropout

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What was Koch actually up to in his lab when he formulated his famous postulates? What attempts have been made to keep germ theory alive in the modern era …


39 thoughts on “Koch's Postulates: Germ School Dropout

  1. Take equal parts of an effervescent personality, sarcasm, humor, add lots of scientific knowledge, vigorously shake them for 15 seconds, and you have an extremely interesting video about something that would otherwise be very hard to listen to by anyone outside the fields of Microbiology, Immunology, Virology, etc.

    I love your videos Dr. Sam!
    I also admire those who, like you, have not joined the official narrative and continue to look at science from an honest perspective.

  2. Re terms like "most cases" and other nonspecific criteria: These make sense when one is trying to influence the thinking of the public. The general audience can easily work with nonspecific concepts if actual numbers are avoided. Actual numbers would need to be reasonably proven, defended, and applied to common thinking processes; not so simple because actual numbers don’t generally figure in public opinion as much as concepts such as “more”, “most”, “better”, and so on. The imagination will tailor their conclusions to allow a beliefs to harden into unshakeable opinions. After all, it is the public that we are trying to influence to get the Juggernaut rolling. As with actual Juggernauts, it has been known that fervent devotees are sometimes crushed beneath the wheels.

  3. Thanks Dr. Sam for your explanations.
    The problem is that just discovering conspiracies and negative things will not change the current situation or change the course of events in the future. We need to recognize positive things and teach people that, because only the positive can replace the negative. For people, spirituality is in the last place and it is no wonder that we have thousands of years of wars, suffering and real diseases on this Planet. Positive learning takes a lot of time and we no longer have it. If Nikola Tesala had been accepted a hundred and more years ago, then everything would be different today, because this official science of today is very negative. Digital money is likely to be introduced soon, which means even more enslavement of people. I think the prophecies from the Bible are coming true and that the only solution for people is to accept Jesus or the Messiah because that is the only way we can get to the spiritual dimension where we will have eternal life! Greetings to all people on Earth! Save yourself!

  4. Integrity – A word that possibly does not exist in the modern dictionary anymore and what humans have lacked for a very long time. I do hope many of us are changing for the better although I feel many are still caught in that trance and consumed by all that glitters. Shiny things that are dangled in front of the multitudes which follow obediently.
    Thank you Dr Sam for being one of those that stand out as a truth teller and congratulations on the birth of your child.

  5. There goes Dr. Sam once again: promoting and relying on intellectually honest and sober, real, scientific data. Imagine that?! Brava Dr. Sam. Dr. Phil A.

  6. I found this absoult gem of a video about the pruceables of DNA analysis. Where the lady explains the whole process
    Firstly yoy need to isolate what you are looking for
    All samples must've kept at -20 c otherwise you will need to bin it
    Run the Sample under PCR to create many copies this takes min 3 hours per sequence
    Run sample through a gels which will give you a clear record of the amount of letters (agtc) present in each molecule which takes up-to an hour
    You will have to repeat this process normal up-to 20 times in deferant regions of the whole DNA sequence consisting of around 2000 letters to get a clear identification as you could have billions of moliculs containing the same number of letters , hence the importance of isolation
    If someone claims you can do this in one hour then I gather they are living

  7. Pettenkofer got ill after taking cholera. He had a mild infection like many thousand of other people. He was sick for a week. The very next day he started suffering extensive abdominal pain because gas and diarrhea which lasted a week.

  8. Quite unreal that animals in nature don't get anything similar to injections. They suffer injuries also punctures in which harmful bacteria enter their bodies, like tetanus and many other. Injections are systematically used in animals and humans and never showed anything similar to tuberculosis or any strange symptoms. Actually an injection is barely felt. This asseveration doesn't make any sense.

  9. Thanks Dr. Bailey. I read about 50 of the comments to this video. A common concern ,in the comments, is the technical information being over the head of the commenter. I would encourage them to use the internets to educate themselves. Our evil dictators can be defeated by an educated and motivated citizens.

  10. Thank you for this new video. I hope you can soon focus your attention of this phenomenon called vaccine shedding (in relation to the new experimental thing being administrered now). It is something that could potentially represents a threat for everyone.

  11. Brilliant Dr. Sam, thank you. Anyone down voting your videos is doing so at face value without watching and understanding what they judge…probably all career virologists :p

  12. First and foremost this video is just wrong from the start. You try to frame the discussion falsely. You falsely accuse scientists of believing in a sort of extremist idea of "germ theory" of the like of Klebs in which only bacteria cause diseases. This is not true. Scientists unanimously believe that disease can have different etiologies. Some are more related with what you call "terrain" with no microorganisms involved (like intoxication, genetic diseases, diseases promoted or totally caused by stress) others are more predominantly caused by microorganisms and others are in the middle which is the case of opportunistic infections.

  13. "The specific disease doctrine is the grand refuge of weak, uncultured, unstable minds, such as now rule in the medical profession. There are no specific diseases; there are specific disease conditions.”
    Florence Nightingale

  14. My friend Rod a senior citizen of the USA, currently residing in Cebu in the Philippines, a very wise and astute man, speaks very highly of you Doctor Bailey. Robert. Lower Hutt.

  15. When we enter a Dr, s' surgery, democracy is left at the door as far as vaccinations are concerned, it is a unilateral deceleration, if not so there would be information leaflets with the
    pros and cons for and against vaccinations,
    It's the same with the vague
    and dubious opacity of C-19

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