September 25, 2021


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Krystal and Saagar: Are HUNDREDS More Florida Buildings Vulnerable To Collapse After Surfside?

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27 thoughts on “Krystal and Saagar: Are HUNDREDS More Florida Buildings Vulnerable To Collapse After Surfside?

  1. Yes.. Eveyone run! Leave the cities and its high rises. Run to the country side.. But please do wait for all the real estate investment firms to buy all the housing first before you all flee to enslave yourself in a home with no work due to the second wave of virus they are creating for your entertainment…. and ratings of course.. And oh yeah, more amazon purchases would be good for Bezos… And gates would like to ensure his new education platform to control your childrens minds and his plans are firmly in place and he owns all the agricultural land so you peasants can go work on his farms for peanuts in addition to the vaccine boosters you will need because Pfizer and moderna want full control of all your bodies. So run from the cities!! Run! Be afraid. Very afraid!!!

  2. You guys are the best in the news business, but the studio at The Hill is 200% better than what you have now. The lighting is not correct for a news channel.

  3. When will the next one fall ?? What happens first? meltdown of a reactor? [on average one every 7 years world wide] or building falling down? We tend not to hear about buildings falling in other countries.

  4. Corruptions well known in construction industry. See Hyway; bridge failures; Embarcadero building in SF, CA contractor skimmed on steel re-bar as another example. Concrete often a problems – must be tested to insure mixes are correct and curing done properly.

  5. Ah that is too perfect, so you literally have people too ignorant to know what they're voting for repeatedly voting in people who cut regulations as a matter of course. Sorry Florida, but much like the Texans who froze to death last winter, you did this to yourselves!

  6. This is my take.

    The people who wrote the regulations are all retired or dead, and their replacements are getting paid to take every City, State, and Federal holiday off, work Monday to Friday on a 7 hour shift, and believe they are supposed to sell tickets for new building sites rather than issuing them to the old.

    That's one possible scenario.

    Elected officials don't give a shit about compliance with a 24 hour day.

  7. Let's go Florida Republicans, I'm sure there are more regulations we can eliminate (Trump style). Don't worry, WE will be fine. We don't need those stupid Dem Rules adding costs to our bottom line.

  8. as a person born and raised in miami whose mother had a property management business in dade county for 30 years, it is absolutely heartbreaking for me to say that I was NOT surprised when I heard this news.

  9. "Props to DeSantis," Saagar? He just came out and stated that the Florida government WILL NOT be enforcing additionally building inspections in the wake of the Surfside collapse

  10. Common sense, appears we have designed a fatal f;aw in R high rise bldg`s. i.e. any weakness/problems at the bottom, what`s above chances of surviving–not!

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