April 11, 2021


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Krystal and Saagar: Biden's Sleepy Start EXPOSED. NO Checks, NO Minimum Wage, NO Infrastructure

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42 thoughts on “Krystal and Saagar: Biden's Sleepy Start EXPOSED. NO Checks, NO Minimum Wage, NO Infrastructure

  1. This is b/s, hard to pass anything, when Republicans refused to vote on it. Republicans rejected minimum wage increase, And just today the covid bill passed. So it's Bidens fault. Please

  2. The last thing we want is another FDR Presidency. Remember social security? Trillions wasted since it’s inception. There’s no lock box. The largest ponzi scheme ever.

  3. Wonder what the title of this video would be if these two Trumptards still had their man in office, lol because HIS plan was literally to do NOTHING ever, not something eventually 🤷‍♂️

  4. Sagaar's arguments are so specious. He is comparing the beginning of the Biden term with his predecessors. Neither Trump nor Obama came into office fighting a global pandemic.

  5. What do you mean by the remark of Stupid Argument? Where do you think the $$ comes from for Obama Care, COVID Packages & Doubling Minimum Wage? This Country’s Credit Card should have been Canceled Long Ago as We can’t even Pay the Minimum Interest Payments. Who does Your Financials ?
    Probably the Democratic Party

  6. You ever see those movies where the leader dies, and they pretend he is still alive, and pass laws in his name? No one has even seen Biden lately. idk I'm probably being paranoid. They might rather hurry up and get Harris in, if he died.

  7. This is a good show. Where did this come from? I had never heard of it before. Now I have seen 2 videos in two days. Both are right on. I subscribed. I look forward to more truthful reporting.

  8. How about keeping the money here in the USA instead of giving them to other countries, and allocating it for Covid relief instead of the arts etc.

  9. Democrats doing their thing. Waste their window so they can be sure to lose the midterms and give Trump back the Whitehouse

  10. My history teacher always taught me " want stuff to get done? Vote republican. Want a lot of discussions before action? Vote Democrat" and its been proven time and time again.

  11. In Corporate America, workers are considered obsolete at age 55-60 and often get fired or laid off during cutbacks. But yet, Americans put their complete trust in electing people in their 70s (78 in Biden's case) for the hardest job in the world. I don't get it🤔

  12. You got what you voted for. He’s a lifelong politician, dirtbags that do nothing but promise everything and blame everyone else. He’s all about his image and hasn’t had an original thought in his lifetime

  13. trump tries to make america become dysfunctional and frozen up and distracted by making it attack itself through the jan 6 psyops riot at the capital, and then investigating itself. if that doesnt cause dysfunction and gridlock in government what will right? trump figures it will make it much easier then to take advantage while our government implodes. its all a distraction. you figure kamala harris would investigate things right? thats what trump wants, to drag her into his mess. kamala should be busy telling the parlimentarian to take a hike and disregard her opinion that the robert byrd rule should apply. why? so america gets the 1.9 emergency trillion covid and minimum wage bill passed intact. if mitch mcconnell can fire a parlimentarian and hire a new one that lets him and all republicans have their way then why cant kamala do the same? we need to get rid of the filibuster and the byrd rule and get this bill passed with the $15 dollar wage left in it. america needs help now. kamala needs to move now and flex her muscles to show mcconnell and the parlimentarian and the corrupt senate and trump and those seditious fascists who is boss. she needs to take control and save america from financial ruin by disreguarding the parlimentarian and passing the bill intact by passing the bill with 51 votes. she has every right and americas blessing to do so . the slavery enabling filibuster and byrd rule does not apply and in fact must be abolished. time for joe and kamala to step up and make america whole again.

  14. He moved fast to bomb Syria. The EO's have been coming thick and fast. He's quickly proved you won't get a 2000 check. But your $15 minimum wage is on the way. In 2025.

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