October 23, 2021


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Krystal and Saagar: BOMBSHELL Report Supports Tucker Carlson Claim Of NSA Spying

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47 thoughts on “Krystal and Saagar: BOMBSHELL Report Supports Tucker Carlson Claim Of NSA Spying

  1. Every one gets spied on in this country.This is a country who vilified Snowden for being a whistle blower exposing government violating of fourth amendment of the constitution. Show me anyone, media, politicians, any mainstream group who showed one once of support towards him. So all the bitch*ng about tucker or anyone spied on is nothing but hyperbole. By the way he is not a journalist.

  2. At first, I wanted to know what it would take for Saager to drop an f-bomb, but then I decided I really don't want to know about anything that would get him there.

  3. The government records all calls. It’s called the patriot act. Especially ones to foreign adversaries. You claiming Tucker Carlson is a journalist is a joke. He’s not a journalist and he would be the first to admit that. He is a little rich kid that promotes rich peoples agenda. Anyone can claim the government spying on them and they would be correct.

  4. I pray to God this is the future of news I absolutely love this show! It is probably the only actual legit source of news on YouTube! Amazing with fair and balance reporting can do for a show 😎🤙❤️🇺🇸

  5. Bombshell report! Tucker’s FOIA is dated 2019, during the Trump administration! Will Tucker & Breaking Points update/revise their dismantled “report”?

  6. So you're for journalists interviewing Putin. Good. Me too. But what's that got to do with Carson interviewing Putin? This is the dude that defends himself against law suits by saying "I'm not a real journalist, I don't have to be reliable."

  7. Tucker was unmasked intentionally, the government always says it was a mistake but they lie and release American names, especially conservative to damage conservatives..

  8. Dude the nsa has been spying on everyone. I only laugh at tucker because he acts like he's any different. They collect on all of us. It's wrong of them but the right wing also have a biggest I dont care attitude over this whenever we bring up privacy rights.

  9. If Tucker Carlson can expose the sneakiness of the NSA, something tells me that foreign entities have no problem making a fool of the NSA. We all know our government us spying on us. Hell, they have big tech tracking our every move. Google, Twitter, Facebook and many others are all tools of the NSA.

  10. Trump was told falsely that he was not a target. BS. Wake up America we have seen that the deep state sees the American people as the enemy, and we have been spied on for several decades. One of the creators of the the surveillance system William Binney warned America repeatedly that the government was looking at all Americans communications . Both phone conversations and internet communications. So the left likes this stuff when it is in favor of the government, they have no allegiance to free speech, freedom of the press, or freedom of conscience. These are not leftist ideas, governing by force is the staple of thier ideology.

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