September 25, 2021


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Krystal and Saagar: Cosby WALKS After Sweetheart Deal With Prosecutors

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39 thoughts on “Krystal and Saagar: Cosby WALKS After Sweetheart Deal With Prosecutors

  1. The justice system is broken. There’s no way to really sum it up. It needs to be fixed but it won’t. Way too many loopholes that will probably never be fixed. All by design.

  2. You both are too young to know this, but the 70's & 80's were inundated with movies and music seemed to promote this kind of behavior of getting a girl drunk/drugged to get the "cookie". To name a few movies for context: Porky's , Police Academy, Fast Times at Ridgemount High, & Sixteen Candles (surprisingly really bad). There are others that are even worse. In music, especially Rock n Roll bands like KISS ….. they made it a joke of having these drunken parties with groupies ….. and then brag about the thousands of girls they violated (and potentially spread sexually transmitted disease all over the USA).
    NOTE to young people ….. be careful who you give your cookie away to… are not just "sleeping" with them, but every other person they slept with and the diseases they carry.

  3. 02:55 to 03:06……………made me unsubscribe. Bill Cosby never admitted or said that he raped them………..he admitted to having consensual sex with them
    you need to read the Deposition instead of mouthing a narrative portrayed throughout the main news media.
    having sex with someone is not rape
    and comparing Cosby to Epstein is short of disgusting and wrong
    Epstein was a slime ball in epic proportions
    Child sex trafficking, pimping boys and girls to the elite classes and many more unspeakable acts he did
    but Cosby……..he was accused of rape……..not rightfully convicted as well
    Why dont you mouth of on Bill Gates……… associate of the same Epstein and who did unspeakable acts towards the children of Africa through his vaccination programme
    oh yeah………we all know the reason why………he's white and Cosby's black

  4. Just watched "chasing Crosby" podcast and it is hear wrenching…BP has always promoted that we be critical of the rich and that is what Cosby symbolized in this case. An icon that had money and wealth to manipulate and fool a nation, it did not matter the color of his skin. Money and wealth was the bottom line that allowed him to get away with heinous acts. My heart goes out to the women that had their lives ruined, being raped mentally and physically, because a person had more money and influence to get away with it for so long.

  5. And we know BIDEN would intervene or Trump would have … asking to have a copy of the black book and b. Spears dad phone number. America. You are the joke of the world. The court must be on it to some degree. No retrial? That, conservatorships, and NDAs. The decline of the Americn Empire in all its glory!

  6. The key FBI witness for the Julian Assange took a plea bargain, admitted he lied so he wouldn’t be convicted for having sex with minors and other criminal offenses. Julian Assange is being politically incarcerated without any legitimate charges. But the criminal justice system rewards Bill Cosby (another criminal) immunity for giving a deposition. If Bill Cosby had been Harvey Weinstein he would not have served 7 years in prison and walked free in the first place. The prosecution of the Cosby case totally bastardized the justice system. Face it our justice system needs an overhaul. It is so corrupt. Poor black, brown and white people would have never got a deal like Cosby’s and would be rotting in prison right now. The broken criminal justice system is the problem here. Cosby should be in prison but the justice system failed using a BS immunity deal. Legally, Cosby should not have gone to prison for seven years according to the supreme court because of the immunity deal. We should all be screaming at the courts for screwing up what should have been a slam dunk conviction for Cosby. Now he gets to go free because of a screwed up Justice System. If I was the father of the women drugged and raped by Cosby I would be hiring a hit man.

  7. Off topic a bit, This is another example of the clear absurdity of identity politics. "Believe all women" (an absurd notion as women can, and do at times lie) and "a criminal justice system targeting blacks" (also, absurd as Cosby was clearly guilty & this was a technicality). Hard leftist will never be able to reconcile both of these and this nonsense is becoming more and more apparent.

  8. Unfortunately, the court is right to free Cosby. He is not innocent, but the prosecutor tricked him into waiving his 5th amendment right against self-incrimination.

  9. I just Googled spanish fly. It's formal name is Cantharidin and seems to just be an aphrodisiac. Not saying Cosby is innocent, but I dont think the spanish fly controversy is as bad as its portrayed.

  10. Cosby did NOT admit to “drugging” and “raping”. He admitting that he GAVE her the drugs, with her knowing what they were, and they had consensual sex. The whole point was sex in exchange for career advancement. Now they’re all angry and changing their stories.

  11. Those women served themselves up on a platter to Cosby in exchange for career advancement, he didn’t cough up the goods, and now they’re angry. Plain and simple.

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