September 25, 2021


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Krystal and Saagar: Exxon Lobbyist CAUGHT Saying Quiet Part Out Loud On Corruption

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26 thoughts on “Krystal and Saagar: Exxon Lobbyist CAUGHT Saying Quiet Part Out Loud On Corruption

  1. I feel like US is just as corrupt as Russia or China when you see all the behind the scenes workings of what these people do. Mixture of oligarchs, technocrats, plutocrats, oligopoly, etc.

  2. everything we suspected about the weasels manchin and sinema turns out to be absolutely true. they are fine screwing the planet for not even that much cash. what good are their stupid campaign coffers when the world has no future? the worst people in a government of already bad people.

  3. Good report, but this is the tip of the iceberg. Many politicians and the political parties themselves have huge sticks as well as carrots. You can simply be shit out, made a pro at, made a target., shut out of primaries, of unlimited negative advertising if you don't capitulate.

  4. Wait. Mark kelly like the guy that was an astronaut that just got hired and ran on more progressive policy? Oh, if that's true, I will be one of many to spam him with messages online

  5. Exxon doesn't have much to much to fear from Ro. He talks a good game, but when it comes to actual action, Ro's as impotent as the rest of the Dems. Even if they do have an actual Congressional inquiry, it will be like any of the Katie Porter grilling sessions. A lot of grand standing for the cameras and media but little to nothing of substantive action by Congress. It will be more "Bread and Circuses" political so they can say they did something while doing absolutely nothing at all.

  6. Imagine you are a suspect for murder.

    Detective: "we have evidence that you met with the victim on the night of their death!"" "

    Murderer: "Preposterous. I meet with a wide range of people."

  7. Just want to say, I am so happy that you guys are still broadcasting. I really value the synergy created with team Saagar and Krystal.

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