September 25, 2021


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Krystal and Saagar: Is Trump Org Indictment A Witch Hunt?

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37 thoughts on “Krystal and Saagar: Is Trump Org Indictment A Witch Hunt?

  1. Krystal intense hatred of Trump makes me distrust her immensely. Krystal belongs to CNN. She is their perfect recruit. With her Kamala cackle laugh

  2. Looks like some people are finally waking up to the fact that Trump Derangement Syndrome(TDS) actually exists and that BluAnon is actually a thing too.

  3. Do you know anything about the RICO statutes? In case you don't here – "RICO is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering and allows the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the CRIMES THEY ORDERED OTHERS TO DO OR ASSISTED THEM IN DOING closing a perceived loophole! (just ask Roger Stone, Michael Cohen, and others who were imprisoned because of what they did for Trump) Before RICO, a person who instructed someone else to murder could be exempt from prosecution because they did not personally commit the crime." Trump and his whole org is going down due to their long-time corrupt actions! The government has now brought in prosecutor Mark Pomerantz – he was the one, (the only one) who was able to put John Gotti behind bars. So, you just keep on adoring a lying, thieving criminal politician if that is what you want to do, but just remember how stupid that makes you look and what decent people will think about you if you do!
    They have been charged with 15 different felony counts!

  4. Yeah yeah yeah. Nothing will happen to Trump and his kids. They were corrupt when they were in New York and they never saw jail. Jailing a former President and his kids? Even more unlikely.

  5. Imagine if they did get him in jail, imagine Trump in jail. He would come out with great new ideas on how to reform the prison system and rebuilding the buildings and putting the prisoners on fantastic work programs that help them get jobs one day. Trump 24

  6. Mr Trump donated all his presidency wages ,he has given so much more back to the country. 1 million over 15 years is nothing. Many buisness do the same. This is obviously a witch hunt.

  7. Working in accounting and tax, the government could go after just about anyone with multiple income streams, properties, etc if they wanted to. There are so many gray areas, it really is just about them going after political opponents at this point.

  8. well they cant charge with all they got due his have a good chance to be the next President after Biden, and second Trump must have a lot of dirt form previous administrations so nothing is going to happend…………keep walking.

  9. Honestly, if I were Trump, I’d welcome this development.
    1. It keeps his name in the news cycle.
    2. It drives the libs insane.
    3. It pisses off his base, which motivates them.
    4. He knows nothing is going to come of it, so he can claim he’s been exonerated and that will drive the libs even more insane.

  10. I really enjoy Krystal and Saagar and hope some day when the dust settles, they can just admit they were wrong about Trump. They caught up in the sheer noise quantities. We're all human. He governed very moderately & his appointments turned out to be moderate as well. Nearly all of these attacks end up traced back to his defiance of the military-industrial complex. You can't spend your life calling for a candidate like this, then turn your back on them at the first sign of slander.

  11. And Biden could coerce Ukraine to drop hunter Biden investigation, and the "big guy" can peddle influence for and with hunter without consequence. Meantime it's ok to investigate no criminal activity at all trying/ hoping/ praying you'll find something so you can damage someone you just don't like? That's justice in the US today.

  12. Paying taxes on a grandchild's tuition is far, far more important than looking into Joe and Hunter Biden's hookers and guns and crack cocaine, and massive international bribes, and blatant influence peddling, and being completely compromised by the Chinese communists, and lying about it all under oath. Modern liberals and the modern media are nauseating, disgusting, and utterly corrupt.

  13. "Hollywood Accounting" is ridiculously common, especially in Hollywood. Despite the ostentatious wealth… no movie ever makes a buck. Yeah, sure. Now Trump. The NYC DA can only be doing this as a political attack. Where's the IRS? IRS-CID? US Attorney? This thing is not just a tempest in a teapot, it is a tempest in the teabag. Today's news is tomorrow's bird cage liner.

  14. It's pretty obvious to anyone with a brain, that this is a misuse of public resources for political reasons and public specticle. It's a disgrace that public institutions are politicized but isn't this what they also did in Obama's time against conservatives. No wonder half the country has lost faith in the FBI and the Justice Department.

  15. I can't stand this clown show. So ill informed, biased and fakery in the name of populism. Way to show the cooperation K&S

    Edit: @ Krystal, please do something about that pretentious laugh of yours. Its so cringy

  16. Trump is a crook, but he should have been held accountable long time ago and so should have others. Likely Trump will get away with it, because tax laws are so lax and planned in such a way that billionaires don't have to pay any taxes.

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