May 14, 2021


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Krystal and Saagar: Most Trump Supporters HAVE NEVER HEARD Of QAnon

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20 thoughts on “Krystal and Saagar: Most Trump Supporters HAVE NEVER HEARD Of QAnon

  1. They might not have heard of Q, but people in my area believe all that Democrats drinking baby blood nonsense. They also join hands with child trafficking organizations in completely lying about how many children are taken with insanely stupid numbers. Like "800,000 children go missing every year in the USA". Nobody stops to think logically about it. Heck, they even conflate 17 year olds with 4 years olds in their statistics. Anything to boost those abuse numbers to ensure a person at a non-profit gets a nice fat paycheck.

  2. The LSM is more obsessed with Q than anything. The LSM will write about all this conspiracy bs about Q followers without any references. Sorry, I’m not going to take the LSMs word on it.

  3. Obviously a conspiracy by *aby-eating *atan-worshipping *****hile democrats.
    I love this 'Jan6? Valentine's Day? Q? Is that StarTrek? *oudBoys? Never head of them.'
    Whitewash.. Whitewash.. Whitewash.. Whitewash..

  4. The GOP and conservatives have been taken over by Q because its members are cowards and scared of the Q. If anything, they are the party of seditionists as they refused to accept the results of the elections. The GOP and conservatives are the party of culture war, they are the one pushing the culture wars because they are INCAPABLE of accepting change. They are a pathetic group of people who are only interested in destroying the US government institutions. Saagar, the GOP and conservatives have enabled the cooks and they are not the right. They are a threat to America. At the same time these same people accuse Biden of being a communist. That is their only defense.

  5. Just keep in mind that this is the same Trump supporters who famously lie on polls to undersell their support. In the wake of an event where Trump wants to distance himself as much as possible from the fallout of January 6th. The real number is likely much higher, though still the minority. Just worth keeping in mind that these exact same people bragged endlessly about lying in the pre-2016 polls so I put very little stake in their poll responses.

  6. How many $2000 checks do we know were spent on the deployment? Over "half a billion known dollars" = at least 250,000 checks (or ~$357,142 mini-fied Joe Biden checks)

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