25 thoughts on “Krystal and Saagar: NEW race poll shows pitfalls, opportunity for protest movement”
  1. Nonsense… "No justice, No peace" What!? they don't care for Justice, nor Peace. Think about it, since when does the thief's care for Justice or Peace? What black people are stealing?! what about ALL the people they kill? Where is their Justice?

  2. Imho, voting either r or d = sheep. I prefer a more libertarian, shrink the corruption angle, as I see the greens more authoritarian based on climate legislation, as if it only affects the U.S.

  3. The biggest proof of discrimination is the absolute demonization if anyone that is white. Hatred of whites vilification of white people. YES there is allot of RACISM it is anti European, anti white. There is no doubt.

  4. Something weird about this show format is that if one of them ever convinces the other, the show format ends, even though the goal is supposedly to agree.

  5. I hear something often spoken by Krystal and Saagar that I have to say I disagree with. Always advocating for Unions is not correct. I currently work in a right to work state. The pay is still good because the companies have to compete for quality workers. In construction the only thing a union does today is make it harder to fire a lazy worker.

  6. the real fight is rich psychos versus everyone else.
    any racial divide is a distraction.
    they want us fighting each other while they take TRILLIONS in bailout, but call us 'leeches' for getting $1200 once.

  7. This show demonstrates the value of workers and their tribunes listening to each other and respecting one another, even when challenging.

    I'm a Marxist-Leninist but usually I agree with Saagar's takes because of the two of them, as a conservative he understands power better. At the outset of these riots I think Saagar came in with a more typical conservative mindset on the issue and it was challenging to watch it calmly. But he's obviously given the issue some real thought over the past few days, and the articulation here of the foundation of his conservative principles on the issue gets at the heart of the disagreement in a way that isn't just illuminating for leftists, but it's a take I agree with again.

    He's right; the more attention we give to race, the less we can give to class. But injustice this profound NEEDS a response; black workers would rightly doubt our solidarity if we stayed silent and calm. But once we get justice for George Floyd and scare the rich hard enough to never allow this to happen again, we need to pivot back to class.

    The ethic of the working class is simple egalitarianism. Therefore, when something violates that, it's dealt with simply until equality is restored. If you wish to accord with communist theory, after we get justice for Floyd we should pivot back to the class war until and unless there's another death, at which point we don't stop the anarchists from rioting harder because clearly the rich and their pigdog pets learned nothing. But absent outrages like that which demand immediate attention, the focus remains the class war.

  8. The problem with this poll is the definition of "making progress". To the left, "Making Progress" means more and more GibMe's. Lower the GibMe's, and the number will go down. This means nothing.

  9. One issue I’ve had with the George Floyd incident is we assume it was totally racially motivated for chauvin. He had 18 complaints against him for excessive force. Unless every single one, or at least a big majority, we’re against minorities, then he is just a bad, angry cop. It does not mean the wrongful death was becuz of Floyd’s race.

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