May 14, 2021


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Krystal and Saagar: SHOCK POLLS show overwhelming support for protestors, military deployment

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46 thoughts on “Krystal and Saagar: SHOCK POLLS show overwhelming support for protestors, military deployment

  1. Joe Biden and trump have both been hunkering down but for some reason trump's approval rating is dropping. Obviously it's his response to the protesters. The poll said nothing about leadership or inaction.

  2. The reason I unsubscribed from this channel is because these so called populists have consistently told bald face lies with this both sides bullshit. The police beat this city into a riot. End of story. Its not up for debate, its all on video. It makes you wonder if the 'populist' views they lemented previously hasn't been a ploy to manipulate to push their own agenda.

  3. I usually like to hear Krystal's viewpoint, but here it's clear she has drank the Democratic Party and DNC Kool aid. She's using all the buzz words, catch phrases, and talking points the DNC must be sending out in a group email every morning for their followers to push that day's false narrative. Tear gas? A peaceful protest "crushed"? Ignoring mass looting, vandalism, rioting and arson by sweeping it all under the rug of "protests"?
    Is President Trump just supposed to sit back while a wave of destruction and lawlessness burns down the core of every major city, even while local mayors and governors let it all happen by ordering their law enforcement agencies to stand down?

  4. Krystal still shaming police rather than rampant violence of protestors. Does she have any idea of the ratio of separate acts of violence committed by protestors and those by police? Does she even consider the dgree of pressure under which the police are working attempting to restore order? No, she just offers her lame liberal bias when reporting events.

  5. If the DA overcharges the officers it is a good chance they will not be convicted because it will be almost impossible to prove intent. The protesters near the White house were anything but peaceful , 50 secret service agents were injured. Church across the street was set on fire. The Governors were responsible for stopping the riots yet several did nothing or worse encouraged them when the cops were ordered to not enforce the law. One thing for sure ,the debate over gun control is dead. It is evident the police are unable to protect the people so the people will have to protect themselves. That is the reason for the 2nd amendment. And this insane notion to de-fund the police or do away with them all together will lead to a lot of vigilante justice and chaos. Anybody with 1/2 a brain knows it is a worse than horrible idea. The elitists will scream bloody murder when the criminals come for them.

  6. Dont be to quick to think reducing police will be a great thing. Think about your safety as well. There are thousands of bad people in most cities who given the opportunity will go into your house and take what they want and dont care one tiny bit about you. WE need to give justice to Bad Cops and Bad People. AN INNOCENT black man who lost his store was also REALLY REALLY UNFAIR.

  7. Were there rioters throwing bricks at the cops as they claimed, and frozen water bottles? That is the claim, what happened? They did deface monuments and burn the church, they said they asked them to move back, are these things not true. Who knows what to believe, it seems it is more about twisting facts to create the narrative you want. There is no way you can say this has been a peaceful protest, not siding with the act of gassing them in this case, but don’t understand what happened to the social distancing rules either.

  8. Trump’s approval took a massive dive because 66% of Americans think he’s responsible for worsening racial tensions in the US. It would be nice if you didn’t constantly try to polish the turd that is the image of your current President.

  9. Does this guy only watch main stream news before the show? Another comment that is irrelevant. If they don’t want to see anymore they will take care of the racism problem in our countries police forces. Also White people across America need to stop being oblivious to the problem. Its a pretty simple concepts, but him and white america keeps trying to argue around it. This has been going on for decades in America, so for him to be playing oblivious shows me he’s biased , or knows nothing about American history.

    Bro white people arent going to be any nicer to you for dick riding their opinions. I’m half White, and know how it works. They will be friendly to your face, but turn around and call you a racial slur the minute you leave the room. Nothing is ever good enough for them because they will always dislike you for your skin color.

  10. The police violence against peaceful protesters has been much more egregious than the few instances of looting… especially the violence toward clearly identified journalists!!

  11. Krystal: ….. majority of violence has been coming from police against peaceful protestors… 2:45
    Really? Have the police been destroying and torching buildings and private property? Or throwing bricks? Or attacking and shooting unarmed civilians trying to protect their stores. Or looting someone’s life-savings? Or defacing historical monuments?
    Krystal is definitely interviewing for a job at CNN or MSNBC.

  12. I think Joe Biden is going to win now, and not because he’s awesome. Too bad he’ll be the second presidential elect to die from ammonia after being sworn in. This country is screwed for years to come.

  13. Why is it a "shock"? People pay taxes for a share in the monopoly of violence. When police just abandon their precinct to burn, what are taxpayers actually getting for their money? Of course they want the military to step in, they paid for violence, they deserve violence.

  14. People are insanely stupid if they support calling in the military to aid in police work. It's not their job (countless failures at policing a restive population in Afghanistan and Iraq attest to this). Plus it sets a really bad precedent. Also I don't know how anyone can be certain about who has been more violent. How do you keep score?

  15. it's always democrats that get upset about the president sending troops to a state that is doing nothing. they hated when Lincoln did it, they hated when Kennedy did it, they're whining about trump doing it. there's nothing like reality for getting dems to suddenly support states' rights XD

  16. Saagar once again on the wrong side of everything. While it is abhorrent, illegal, and damaging to the messaging of the protests, breaking windows and looting a building is not the same violence that peaceful citizens are suffering from their police force. This false equivalency is gross.

  17. I am a construction worker and have recently taken work at a farm because of all the trouble (virus and black riots) and the farmer asked me if as a veteran I could help him out. I said sure, what do you want. He showed me his guns and said that if rioters came to this area he needed me to help defend the farm. I told him I would be happy to keep my oath (I am an oath keeper) and would shoot any rioters that were dumb enough to come this way. The farmer is happy and I am serious when I say that in the unlikely event the rioters are dumb enough to come to Somis I will shoot them all.

  18. Wrong about the police being more violent than the rioters, especially when you refuse to see how the rioters are not the protesters leading to the conclusion that peaceful protesters are being targeted. The peaceful protesters have had their moment hijacked. The rioters must be dealt with. Unfortunately that means the protesters have to put their movement on hold for just a short while. If it is too hard to separate the protesters from the rioters, than the police have no option but to tear gas the lot of them. The protesters should immediately get out of there when the rioters start to take control, thus allowing the rioters to be dealt with as the traitorous extremists (some might say terrorists) they are.

  19. Sometimes, I think Saagar is just full of shit. He seems to think violence is all about the protesters, and peace is all about the police, when the opposite is closer to being true.

  20. Mr. Trump will lose this Presidential Election. Now some of his Not So Bright Supporters will not be happy, too bad, so sad. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, "Draft Dodger Donnie" will make Guest Appearances in some New York State Courts of Law when he gets charged with "Multiple Crimes". As for me, I will sit back & enjoy the "Freak Show" as Mr. Trump's Lawyers (Hand picked by Satan himself) will make the "Lamest Legal Argument" that Mr. Trump cannot go to Jail because his mental & physical health is declining. Lame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Once again Saagar completely misses the points. Property damage and theft are not violence: You need to have two parties for violence. Therefore, the police have shown far more violence against the protesters.

  22. Biden just took advantage of the situation. He is a complete fraud and liar as his past proves. If voters can be swayed simply by having a corrupt opportunist say the “right” thing at the “right” time, they deserve what they get if Biden wins. Educate yourselves people, stop being led by MSM, all you will get is a one sided “globalists” view on every story, every time.

  23. How do those polls make any sense? How can people approve bidens handling of something over trump when biden can literally do nothing to handle the situation? People are dumb.

  24. What happened to Floyd was staged by Soros. The violence afterwards was staged by Soros, so why isn't this criminal being arrested!? And stop showing these fake polls: Trump's doing a great job, while Biden's a criminal, yet it's the mainstream media including YOU GUYS are spreading fake news in support of violent crimes. GTFOH. Trump never deployed the military, but threatening to do so made those violent actors shit in their FUCKIN pants, so it's all Trump's merit

  25. Recently there always the feeling that Saagar is biting his tongue cos he really wants to spurt lots of right wing bs talking points but knows Krystal won't let him get away with it. He still can't grasp the fact that some good people may have been involved in riot or looting and violated sacred corporate retail outlets (yes I know small businesses were also targeted but that was most likely undercover cops). Have you shown any vids of undercover cops ebing caught in the act btw?

  26. Saagar another Asian, person of color, thinking like Lonnie Chen, if he's a conservative, then he's not a person of color. Doubt he'd be admitted to the KKK though. He should be happy to live in DC area, and not rural anywhere.

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