September 25, 2021


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Krystal and Saagar: SURPRISE! Caitlyn Jenner's Campaign Was A Reality Show The Whole Time

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45 thoughts on “Krystal and Saagar: SURPRISE! Caitlyn Jenner's Campaign Was A Reality Show The Whole Time

  1. The indictment against the political system is directly related to the stupid two party system. If we had five viable competing parties with real and coherent plans then this nonsense would stop. Duopolies always devolve to a circus. Just think about how dumb red and blue labeling of the electorate is when 36% of adults are independent.

  2. Damnit ! I wanted her to win SO BADLY! CAITLYN JENNER is the change we are waiting for! She alone can reunite the union! End homelessness by digging a huge pit to store all the homeless in!

    This is truly disappointing😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Bit of a scandal here in Australia aswell, there are 35,000 citizens on a waiting list to return the country cause were only letting small amounts of people in and yet our government has decided to make a special exception for Caitlyn, Neil Patrick Harris (who has been let in 2 sperate times), Katie Hopkins (who immediately got deported for not following covid restrictions) and i am sure some other shitty celebrities. Im super glad to know my governments got their priorities straight, #1 B Tier TV stars and seven west media profits #2 Australian Citizens. The way god would have wanted it

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  5. "Actually , accidentally becomes president…..which he failed miserably at"
    I hear thos all the time, matter of factly, yet I never hear it backed up !
    As a Trump supporter from day 1, I feel he did a damn good job, attempted to fulfill his promises, and did it under a level of duress that NO president has ever been subject to. IMHO !

  6. It doesn't REALLY matter who you elect. Biden isn't really DOING anything. Its the administration that goes along with that person. You think Jenner suddenly decided to get in to politics? No, some group chose herr as their candidate.

  7. What's anymore ridiculous about this campaign than any other. America just voted in a mentally handicapped skeleton as president who probably won't make it to the end of his first term before he kills over

  8. I like how she can just say Trump "failed miserably" at being President. Citation needed please? Seems like America went into a death spiral the second he left office. She loves harping on COVID (as if the Democrats have been any better when it comes to that) but the only actual thing that is working against it is the incredible vaccine program HE implemented and pushed for. Having that vaccine in such a short time and it being so effective was something basically every "expert" said would be impossible. Truly this generations Moon Shot moment, a declaration and stated goal to do the impossible, and it came from the Trump Administration plain and simple.

    I like Krystal but those lefty-snippy comments like that….come on be better. You claim to be objective but in no objective reality did the man "fail miserably" at being President.

  9. Not just that… Why the F*** was she allowed into Australia, when we have “closed” our borders, and while actual Australians are stuck in foreign countries and not able to come back because there is a cap on the number of people who are allowed to fly into our airport?

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