March 4, 2021


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Krystal and Saagar: Trump In Major Danger Of Massive Battleground Loss As Ohio, Iowa Shift

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41 thoughts on “Krystal and Saagar: Trump In Major Danger Of Massive Battleground Loss As Ohio, Iowa Shift

  1. Trump has 100% of republican support, his supporters are fired up and can’t wait to win again. Biden’s support? Well you have some old people who watch the news all day so they hate trump.. or you have young people who are easily influenced by sports/tv shows that constantly bash republican ideology, but mostly just bash Trump. It’s funny that even with virtually all media outlets, sports, tv shows, even colleges brainwashing people to be leftists, Trump will still win. The problem with Biden, like it or not, is that he’s trying to juggle between catering to leftists demands 1: defund police. 2: green new deal. 3: paying blacks reparations. List goes on. Then trying to balance those demands with the more moderate democrats who just want to feel safe (law and order), and the economy to be great and their taxes not to skyrocket. It’s impossible to balance the extreme left with the moderate Democrats. So Biden constantly gets caught in lies because he has to flip flop 24/7 to try and appease his audience. Trump however, he knows his audience and knows exactly what they want to hear.

  2. Oh you kids…you will believe anything. Can someone name someone who actually got polled or anyone that even knows someone that has been polled. One name.of a real verifiable person that was polled…

  3. You can tell that the Wall St. Dems are feeling confident again because they're once again starting to very loudly roll out their attacks on the Left.
    The DonorNetworkClub media-surrogates are gleefully indulging in unbridled Progressive-bashing again, and it will only continue to get more vicious and intense until November.
    And, then AFTER November — the Davos Dems will ramp up their torrential tsunami of spittle and contempt.
    Whether its MAGA-Red or MAGA-Blue, end-stage crony capitalism has been secured for the future of this country.

  4. This is fake polling look at trump rally and Biden rally forget about the poll remember joe from msnbc after 2016 election he said when he travels he see a lot of trump sign no Hillary sign the rally going to tell who going to win not polling.

  5. So has the hill become fox news? cause fox news is the only media that turns comments off when they are overwhelmingly negative…. but ive watched 2 of the hills videos that were just outrageous about the press sec and they turned comments off…. funny i thought the hill would have known better

  6. You 2 are so foolish you keep sighting the polls. Didnt you learn anything in 2016. I can't wait to hear you explain when Trump wins. The democrats who are pretty much the pollsters these days want you to think Biden is up so when he loses it will be the excuse Trump. Anybody that sees Trumps compared to Biden’s 3 people every rally or whatever it is. Your falling for the same shit. Sometimes college educated aren't so educated.

  7. I hope the largest upset comes from VW with Swearengin vs Capito, she is the underdog but a local working class coal miners daughter who can connect with the people of west virginia and gather working class support and is endorsed by Bernie Sanders

  8. Polls. Great. NEW Polls. Even Better. And pray tell me, how many of those polled will go out and vote ? How many will vote by mail and actually have their vote counted ? Nov 10 is going to be a very busy day for the GOP.

  9. I live in Ohio in the suburbs south of Dayton. My county flipped blue to red in 2016 for first time since reagan. Inner ring suburbs I see Biden signs everywhere whereas I saw very few Clinton signs in 2016. But out in the exurbs and small towns you can't go 5 feet without seeing Trump flags and signs.

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