May 11, 2021


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Krystal and Saagar: Union's DECLARE WAR On Trump, It Didn't Have To Be This Way

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31 thoughts on “Krystal and Saagar: Union's DECLARE WAR On Trump, It Didn't Have To Be This Way

  1. It is interesting that the talking heads just assume all unions are good. I think in many cases they are good and even necessary in some for different reasons. When the unions hold too much power I don't think it is good in general. The auto industry is a pretty good example, and the government having to basically insure them with bailouts. I saw some stuff up close that was tough to understand when I lived in Seattle. We had maintenance workers literally spend days sleeping in work vans all day because the union tells them a job should take multiple days but in reality they completed the work in just a few hours. They aren't allowed to do something else and be productive so they just did nothing. This happened all the time and it made it very difficult to get things fixed in a timely manner.

  2. Just saw an interview that Biden did earlier today with the AFL CIO. He is bewildered, very out of breath and tells his aid "lift it up here" with regards to the teleprompter. Once the teleprompter is closer to him, he slowly reads an answer pausing, gasping and out of breath. CLEARLY Joe Biden is in severely declining health, and it may not just be Dementia. He may not make it across the finish line of the election. The Wicked Harris is the Real Candidate for sure.

  3. Voters don't care about what unions say.
    No offense, union leaders make themselves rich and the members simply complain with no real impact.

    Unions and what they stood for faded decades ago.
    Their influence on elections faded even longer ago than that.

  4. Sry yall but i work in the south and they way we look at it is the unions needs to get the way of the union members a ft cat in charge of the union is in no way in charge of voting for the union members this is a way they can get more out of trump and old joe its blantently obvious

  5. I can tell you fabrication shops have been hit hard by the tariffs. The material costs more and there are no tariffs on finished goods, so our shops get hit double due to the steel and aluminum tariffs.

  6. What Union??? The Police Unions??? The Unions are what destroyed this Country and put us in this situation. Partly. They are the ones who were teaching our kids….they failed!!!

  7. I assumed that Trump would sit down with Chuck Schumer before it was known that the administration was going to crater and construct an infrastructure program that could then be cited as an accomplishment, but he didn't do it, so he's going to win only a handful of states.

  8. Punishing the cheater? Who's the cheater? China? For providing cheap labor? No, it's the corporation for abandoning American labors, and also the American consumers for being such a cheap ass.

  9. Typical union response. Our governor of Nevada is destroying the state and the casino unions support him. People are getting laid off. Somehow this is all Trumps fault. I don’t believe it one bit. It would’ve happen to any president and they wouldn’t be able to save the economy during the shutdown.

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