September 25, 2021


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Krystal and Saagar: What The HELL Happened To Andrew Yang?

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35 thoughts on “Krystal and Saagar: What The HELL Happened To Andrew Yang?

  1. Seemed to try to please everyone but his actual base. Still will never forget when he went to that church to pander lol. Then they used the “people of color” card against him, somehow lol. Never really had a chance.

  2. I wanted to see him become president and order his mass pardon for all non violent drug convictions. He said he wanted to stand outside of one of the prisons so he could give them all a high five as they left prison.

  3. Chaos with increasing authoritarianism are the ingredients of the great reset. If someone opposes that, they then will face a well coordinated smear campaign.

  4. More than anything, I hope all this mess doesn’t lead to strife and pain in his marriage and family life. It will be a true tragedy if these ego-driven pursuits drive a wedge between two people that have seemed to be happy building a life together.

  5. Yang was always a one trick pony who never actually managed to master that one trick, and forgot he was even trying to work it along the way. He's lame.

  6. Another malfunction in a liberal election where the result is yang getting destroyed while the establishment selected proped up candidate wins. Iowa and now NYC. Very strange. Remember how hard they pushed Pete? Remember how popular Yang was right off the bat? Are liberals cheating in liberal elections?

  7. Yang piling on excessively with anti- Asian American hate hurt him, similarly with some of the opportunistic predators that are sprinkled in to all positive movements

  8. Yang tried to be an empty suit politician which in the end was his demise.
    Never hire establishment strategist to pressure you into changing what made you popular and likable to begin with. If idiot was a person ??‍♀️

  9. Sounds like the race just boiled down to identity, which is just terribly depressing on so many levels.
    Towards the end, Krystal claims that black and latino voters were most motivated by crime. Was this independently tested, or is she just claiming this because those groups tended to vote for Adams? This distinction matters.

  10. Comrade Chang is wooden, stiff, non-confrontational and lacking depth. Pandering never ends well. If you have no message, you'd better have a personality. Eric Adams is nothing but a water boy for Big Business. Dumblasio will look like a breath of fresh air compared to Adams.

  11. Zach Grauman is the worst campaign manager of all time. Yang spent too much time on Twitter going to random NYC restaurants and convenience stores instead of actually campaigning.

  12. Wait wait.
    It's SHAMEFUL to allude lack of BLACK votes SIMPLY because of Chappelle. Is it not prejudice to think, FAMOUS black guy, get the black vote?

    Then you guys want to talk about PANDERING!? Why in the actual fuck are they contradicting themselves.

    I am black. There is no BLACK entertainer that I follow 100% JUST because they endorse something. There are plenty of black folks like me btw.

    Does any other race deal with this?

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