35 thoughts on “Krystal Ball: CNN, MSNBC CAUGHT covering for catastrophic Cuomo mistake”
  1. Cuomo butt SHOULD BE IN JAIL pending trial for murder
    All politicians should be thrown out of office and jailed for taking money for favors like this anyway and the people giving the favor should be in jail with them nice little party

  2. So they would get the immunity because it was a situation outside of everyone's control. A veritable act of God. Its not fair to expect that they would be able to anticipate the attributes of a new virus. For a story about people dying this sociopath seems pretty happy about being able to share a story about mistakes made by competitors, or or simply perceived. See that smile that won't leave her face? Pretty odd feature for something so somber; unless its a little thing called Duper's Delight. Go ahead and look it up.

    Don't believe everything you see people.

  3. Maybe they should have put recovering patients in a football stadium or empty office buildings [ which was suggested] instead of nursing homes where the staff was trained to care for them? Giving the nursing home executives immunity , though, is corrupt. Legal responsibility should apply as normal.

  4. I'm not going to be hard on Cuomo because the truth is….NYC was ground zero for the virus. We didn't know much about it, NYC has an international airport, just like the other two areas first hit hard , like California's LAX , and Chicago.
    To come back around after the beginnings of a defensive position on the pandemic, and critique a typical politician ( aligned with the donors) is disingenuous in this case.
    Heavy handed criticism is deserved to the governors that are failing 4 months after we got a little more knowledge.

  5. My mom LOVES this dude even with his corruption… i think the people who like him LOVE authoritarians bc they miss the good ol' days when men were men and just told you what to do…it's a serious problem 🙁

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