September 25, 2021


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Krystal Ball: Is American Freedom Only For The Rich?

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Krystal questions the notion of freedom in the United States applying to all people equally To become a Breaking Points Premium Member and watch/listen to …


20 thoughts on “Krystal Ball: Is American Freedom Only For The Rich?

  1. Did Crystal mean leviathan when she said something that sounded like levee-atan? Also, I think she meant to say nurture not nourish when she was talking about having kids.

  2. Freedom = Time + Money. The more of each one has, the more freedom they have.
    And, of course, the less of each one has, the less freedom they have.
    Simple as that.
    The Doctor knocking down $700K /yr., but working 70 hours /week… his wife and kids have freedom.

  3. Ok but didn’t the black vote in the south hand the nomination over to the Neoliberal faction of the Democratic Party? Didn’t they also just vote for a black mayor in New York who is in the pockets of developers? What about all the black senators, operatives and enables in the DNC? Isn’t this partly a political shift they need to choose to make internally as well instead of constantly externalizing all blame? They have to stop shooting themselves in the foot before their allies can help them. I’m sorry if this is not woke enough or politically correct, but some of us are getting tired of this uncritical refrain. Other minorities have had successes. Other groups have lives, concerns, and needs too.

  4. How has no one gone after the Sackler family??? Not advocating for violence. Just observing that out of all these families that were completely destroyed I’m blown away that not one heart broken family member hasn’t completely lost it and tried something crazy!..

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