February 26, 2021


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Krystal Ball: TrueAnon Host TARGETED By Trump DHS In Bid To Hunt ANTIFA Like Terrorists

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45 thoughts on “Krystal Ball: TrueAnon Host TARGETED By Trump DHS In Bid To Hunt ANTIFA Like Terrorists

  1. All i see is Antifa destroying and politically intimidate. Self proclaimed Antifa members physically assaulting those with different views with bike locks. Meets the definition of terrorist and BLM is an openly Marxist group and isn't for Black Lives. Line got crossed. System doesn't need to be fixed. It's the people in it. It's already partisan.

  2. Antifa just tried to burn down the Portland Police Association last night for the second time. This is of course days after the feds backed down. Of course, the media can't answer the question that is the elephant in the room? (Why Portland?) The fact that the media can't ask the right questions is a testament to how far gone the american media apparatus has become. The idea that what's going on in Portland is "peaceful protests" is all lies. Its all bullshit. I would give anything for a real legitimate news source that I could trust that would just give the facts.

  3. Lol!! ok…what did you say?, If asked if you would be biden's running mate…..lol in your dreams. Your generation is so fkd up always expecting more…earn it.

  4. What the hell is wrong with you??? I agree with the president… They are terrorizing many of us because of our affection for president Trump. What a surprise you are still bashing as usual nothing much more comes out of your mouth…Aren’t you suppose to be unbiased. They are acting as terrorist …I have witnessed them acting as such and it’s frightening!

  5. Antifa IS a domestic terrorist group. So far all these "peaceful" protesters have cheered on the looting, burning and physical attacks perpetrated by anitifa sponsored and led rioters. Grow some eyeballs, Krystal, before your socialist pie in the sky dream swallows you whole.

  6. Violent protesters might be labled as Antifa. Any peaceful protester should not commit violence. When/if non-violent protesters get lableled as Antifa, then I will be horrified. Peaceful protest please.

  7. Been watching this news channel for some time now and they seem to have turned into the the same as the MSN networks with the fake news and all Democrats good orange man bad I wonder who's paying them off

  8. It's so crazy that they want to start using antifa's activities against Isis as evidence of antifa being terrorists. We're properly down the Alice rabbit hole with that one. But it's also a nice one to set up, in terms of legal precedent, against various other individuals who took an autonomous decision to go and fight with the Kurds and have largely been seen as heroes. And it also might make for an interesting side-by-side legal comparison with Blackwater and other mercenary organisations.

  9. Establishment Dems aren't any happier with dissidents, any dissidents, than Establishment Repubs, and their buddy trimp, are.

    Most Americans, both black and white, were fine with allowing people like MLK, Malcolm X and the Black Panthers to be unconstitutionally labeled as Anti-American, surveilled, harassed and imprisoned.

  10. Three months to elections… watch as the Trump WH and his GOP cronies try to pull a coup (not that they haven't already). Half the country is going to be rounded up or monitored heavily like the Uygher people in China… I don't know why American's aren't taking this shit more seriously.

  11. the first thing (wannabe) fascists want to do is criminalize those who would oppose them (regardless o' their motives – moral, justice, humane, etc). nothing new here, it's what cowards throughout the ages have always done. meanwhile, the ones who have been proven to be the most violent are given a pass because their violence aligns with fascist ideologies and agendas…

  12. LOOKING ON FROM THE OUTSIDE it is obvious to me that everything, and Imean EVERYTHING in the USA is BROKEN

    NOTHING works, NOTHING functions, NOTHING is just, NOTHING is fair… The USA is an utterly failed experiment is unlimited capitalism.

  13. It's true that the intelligence community connected to both major parties will assault the civil liberties of Americans. The main lesson should be that intelligence is not law enforcement. The CIA, military intelligence and FBI intelligence are not law enforcement and therefore programs like fusion centers are of marginal constitutionality. Antifa is mostly high school and college kids and DHS scared Portland's mayor Ted Wheeler and Oregon's governor Kate Brown to such an extent by their military uniforms and unmarked vans that they demanded that DHS remove their troops, deemed secret police by the protesters and rightly so. I've had an intelligence file my whole life and still can't hold the intelligence agencies accountable for their violations of my civil liberties; I've had to be careful about my physical safety and watch out for informants that I shouldn't have had to, since I was breaking no laws. The intelligence community lives in their own repressive world that has little bearing on reality. For a long time I've regarded these people as crazy.

  14. It's ok ??? Rioting, looting, murder, rape, extortion,arson, promoting Marxism. So it is ok??

    There is no journalist except sellout, puppet, mouthpiece, propagandaist, liars

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