February 26, 2021


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Labour Council FORCE Councillors To Support Marxism In Writing

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21 thoughts on “Labour Council FORCE Councillors To Support Marxism In Writing

  1. Theres plenty youngsters out there that can do this give us our uk true identity back and world understands true english so get country sorted as it bollocks at moment

  2. I dont think these soyboys would get far trying to take over Glasgow. They'll end up with more holes than a colander and theyll be knife holes.

  3. Ages twenty to twenty two, and seen it all, all there experience they got to run the UK, … Bloody good luck with that guys, labour is that thick mixture of lefties and the ones out to take the cream for their selves.

  4. Mahyar, 100,000,000 for 'diverse and inclusive content' on the BBC? This is dire – social engineering at its worst. I don't want to watch content that is deliberately geared towards making me think a certain way, or endorsing the Marxist agenda! It is like 1984. I turn on my TV and I want UNBIASED news or to be entertained. I'm sick of the doom and gloom on the news, the apocalyptic reporting, the daft questioning.

  5. Well, Tousi, I’m just waiting for you to trumpet the remarkable plans of BoJo for remaking the British economy. Make sure you research and have evidence for your claims, as I shall be following you to make sure that your usual mix of lies and half-truths doesn’t go unchallenged.

  6. No the majority of sane people will win thought (just look at the labour party the undemocratic lib Dems and the if the Conservative,s FK off Halfwits like Hancock all will be OK)

  7. I wonder what would happen to a football teams trainer who refuses to bend a knee. Any organisation putting employees in the situation where they are forced to submit to the humiliation in a gesture that means vassalage in European history.

  8. The flag on the plane is the correct way round, you should consider the front of the plane as the flag pole so when you look at the starboard side of the plane (back of the flag) it will be in reverse which it appears to be

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