March 3, 2021


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Labour DESTROYS Labour Over Brexit Deal

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22 thoughts on “Labour DESTROYS Labour Over Brexit Deal

  1. There's still a libby dem kicking around…? Really…!
    To answer your question the disaster is on the other side of the channel…just like we said it would be.
    As for labour maybe they should give kinnockio a he's out of a job..

  2. “NHS staff protest outside Downing Street” oh, I’m sorry. I thought the doctors and the nurses were “completely overwhelmed!” How ever did they find the time away from the “war zone” to be able to protest at Downing Street? The con is real!

  3. roemers to to blame we have had 4 years to strike a deal or leave with a No deal All roemers should have resigned at the time of the peoples vote in order to achieve an smooth transition

  4. Come on guys you already leave the EU why still talking about EU? You left it but seriously you are still talking about EU 🇪🇺. Bye British people best of luck from EU 🇪🇺. EU will never week without you.

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