October 23, 2021


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Labour MP Joins March To ABOLISH Police

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36 thoughts on “Labour MP Joins March To ABOLISH Police

  1. This socialist MP swore an allegiance to our Queen, the Police service is the Queens Police service therefore this woman is actively being disloyal and should be thrown out of Parliament. What kind of idiot would vote for an anti British traitor?

  2. The police do have their priorities wrong when they wrestle women to the ground protesting about a woman murdered by a copper but did nothing to the people vandalising our cities and pulling down statues.

  3. A person who's entire world view, ability to grift and virtue signal is enabled by the sanctions and violence of the state wants to stop the states ability to sanction and be violent. Hasn't really thought this through.

  4. YES, the police need to be reformed but EVERYTHING the police do is done BECAUSE of MP's AND parliament. If they didn't make the rules and regulations they then expect the police to follow the police would be totally ineffective. If you defund the police what are you going to replace them with

  5. Go to any run down crime ridden area and ask the residents (not the screaming middle class trust fund kids on the rallies) if they want to see more or less police in their area.

  6. IPS Inferior Politician Syndrome, we have had 70 years of utterly useless MPs , it’s no wonder we are a shadow of the country we used to be. Only politicians would be happy to defund the police, yes let’s anarchy on the streets. Only our politicians thinks it’s ok spending money on illegal invaders in dinghies to these shores, while happily ignoring Brits that are homeless on our streets. It’s time to change our politicians both Conservatives and Labour they are as bad as each other.

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