Lam: National Security Law Will Restore Stability to Hong Kong


29 thoughts on “Lam: National Security Law Will Restore Stability to Hong Kong”
  1. are we still forcing them to buy our opium exports by using gunboat diplomacy?
    the royal navy used to anchor near Chinese cities and shoot their cannons at civilians until the leaders agreed to buy their opium exports. the Chinese people were traumatized by british, French and American gratuitous , genocidal brutality for profit.

  2. There was absolutely nothing wrong until Carrie lam and her Gestapo came along. Just typical of the ccp, it has to turn everything as dirty as it is. It hates to see good honest people enjoying life as they so well deserve.

  3. By stability meaning tanks and paramilitary police will be patrolling the streets of Hong Kong and people's skulls are at significant risk !

  4. I'm not sure why everyone is surprised this is happening. China has many decades, if not centuries, of oppression and censorship of it's citizens under its belt. It's always aimed to control its citizens but under the umbrella of "service to its citizens". Hell, its the countries motto. Service to the people. And they leverage that umbrella idea in every law that is aimed at censorship. I see people in the comments talking about how she can speak with a clear conscious on this – it's really simple, actually – these types of laws masked under service to the people is ingrained in society. The only saving grace here was the freedom to protest which now seems gone under this new law. I would be very worried as a westerner living in china/HK right now.

  5. What a massive crock of lies! The people of Hong Kong are already speaking out that people are being arrested and pro-demacracy groups are being disbanded and outlawed. A Chinese man once made a great statement, "Donald Trump, don't trust China, China is asshole!"

  6. That's what you get for allowing a submissive female as a leader…. the election committee that's overruled by communist China, Hong Kong you have learned your lesson ,now deal with it!!!!!

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