October 23, 2021


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Leaked Insider Tape Reveals Salesforce’s Plan to Deplatform ‘Broader Range’ of Customers

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34 thoughts on “Leaked Insider Tape Reveals Salesforce’s Plan to Deplatform ‘Broader Range’ of Customers

  1. These people are totalitarians, anarchists, and communists.
    We are now living in China and Iran.
    But most Americans are done with these people.
    We will destroy them soon.

  2. Why is the President and COO reading a several page strategy in narrative to 5 people? Is he not capable of communicating the strategy to his company leaders?

  3. I wonder who is paying all of these tech companies to drop or ban users and customers.

    Losing that much revenue has to hurt the top and bottom lines. If these tech companies revenues or profits continue to grow, then, how?

    This is worth investigation…….

  4. BS censorship is censorship no matter what you call it. Salesforces loss. Stop the cancel culture!! Stop the fake blm cult. They are trained fascists and they admit it. No communism here.EVER!!!

  5. I don't like rnc and Trump emails but I did get them FYI Google sends 90%of them to spam, any emails from any conservative group to to spam, even AFTER reporting they are not spam repeatedly as I wanted to test their bias, I took screen shots over the years but it's true! @ProjectVeritas

  6. I wonder who wrote the script he was reading from? I just can’t wait to see companies like this go down. It tells you EVERYTHING about them & their motivations that they don’t come out unequivocally against all the violence created by ANTIFA & BLM the entire summer. You don’t hear them speaking out against those organizations & blocking their content. But, question the election, anything having to do with Donald Trump and you’re out. That alone shows they’re nothing but another cog in the corrupt wheel. Times ticking for people like this…get ready for resignation announcements from this company because they will be coming.

  7. Its March 2021 and antifa is still allowed to use social media to organize riots in Portland but no one in the United States is not allowed to talk about the election.

  8. Please list the companies that have been corrupted, so people can avoid them? Google, gmail, waymo, facebook, whatsapp, instagram, amazon, amazon web services, salesforce, mozilla firefox unless the woman with the quote is fired, who else?

  9. Bottomline – another corporation has declared that they are solely backing ONE POLITICAL PARTY and will suppress any communication from any opposition that does not conform with Party Talking Point. NOTE: All these corporations proudly support and contributed millions to the Communist Black Lives Matter organization (that for the destruction of the American Family)

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