May 14, 2021


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29 thoughts on “Learn To Secede From The Rigged Banking System!

  1. I HAVE NOT PAID TAXES IN OVER 25+ YEARS. Taxes are illegal. ONLY CONGRESS can write a tax law. The trick is you have to contact the IRS and have them remove you. Let them know you will not be participating in the tax system any longer. This voids the "verbal contract you made of your own free will" the first time you paid them taxes. These guys are Scammers. They clearly know taxes are illegal and you just have to remove yourself from that system. They are looking to take control of your money.

  2. Banks cannot lend depositor's money. They actually loan you your own money. Your loan is funded by your signature. Read the first line of your promissory note. "In return for a loan that I have received." You already have the loan and own the property at that point. That's why when you pay off a loan, it seems like you all of a sudden have a checking account. As crazy as it all sounds, I asked a credit union assistant manager and he actually admitted to such. Love.

  3. What I got from the video is "The system is rigged, here's a loop hole we found within that system that is safe for you."

    What's to keep the federal government or the banks to just shut that loop hole down right when it gets popular? Nothing

  4. Crypto = fake. Crypt = a place they bury dead people. RESET = RIP OFF. Crypto banking will lead to a state of complete criminal anarchy. Stupid, stoned out spoiled hacker brats will steal all our Crypto cash when they hack your "wallet" & computer. I had a viscous punk Quinn Michaels hack my computer while the little turds of the Internet laughed it up. Screw you – you are all miserable scumbags every last one of you!

  5. We do to much online banking. It's easy to move money all over the world. Money laundering is one of those ways to easily move money. Would bitcoin work for that? Because it seems as though billionaires can do this easily to numbered accounts. The regular person can't do this. They live paycheck to paycheck

  6. Our money is just laundered over and over and the banks make money over and over again. I'd like to know how to do a mortgage differently so we're not paying for it every so many years of refinancing. Why can't we just keep paying on the original mortgage? Set a rate and stay with it until you sell. Plus jumping through all yhoijoops to get a mortgage is crazy. If you're a billionaire I bet you don't have to jump through the hoops

  7. Thank you Ben, I just went to the Official Website for the Infinite Banking Concept – R. Nelson Nash ( to get the book that is the basis for this…

  8. @benswann These two at best are talking watered down half truths. If you want HARD HITTING truth, seek out Derrick González on Facebook and watch his live videos. He will blow you away with the TRUTH about the depth of the corruption and exactly how to get yourself OUT of it completely. Please contact me if you want to truly want to research this game and I will connect you with Derrick. You are only getting a very small percentage of the truth here and I want you to FULLY comprehend the depth of this corruption. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  9. “The Supreme Court, in a decision written by Chief Justice White, first noted that the Sixteenth Amendment did not authorize any new type of tax, nor did it repeal or revoke the tax clauses of Article I of the Constitution, quoted above. Direct taxes were, notwithstanding the advent of the Sixteenth Amendment, still subject to the rule of apportionment…” Legislative Attorney of the American Law Division of the Library of Congress Howard M. Zaritsky in his 1979 Report No. 80-19A, entitled ‘Some Constitutional Questions Regarding the Federal Income Tax Laws’

  10. Start by succeeding from the retail/holiday/sales system. You'll keep a lot of your money of you stop buying things because their on sale. Then do other things like invest. This is interesting though.

  11. I get sick to death of hearing from nonproducers, you can bet that these PPL have spent their lives as admin of one type or another living on the backs of PPL who build grow or mine stuff, doing bullshit jobs being paid with bullshit money that the banks print to keep the bullshit economy running and hear they are telling PPL to quit the system what a fkn JOKE.

  12. Goldman Sachs owns Circles (maybe related to Biden's circles? Rothchilds own Grayscale. I am trying ro find the best place to hold my Bitcoin.Maybe Exodus? No Gold to buy. Silver heavy if traveling. China just opened their Crypto bank.

  13. Bitcoin is under the control of Wall street as are many cryptos…thus, it's behaving like a security rather than what it was meant for. pay attention. If the Banks like JP want to crash Bitcoin they can.

  14. You should preface this by saying this is for people that are rich. Rich people for most of us are people who make 100k/year or more. You have to have a lot of money to make more money

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