May 12, 2021


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Leftists MELTDOWN and Demand Jordan Peterson's New Book Not Be Published | Pseudo-Intellectual

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29 thoughts on “Leftists MELTDOWN and Demand Jordan Peterson's New Book Not Be Published | Pseudo-Intellectual

  1. These minor employees of a publishing company are worse than the book burners. They wish to prevent other ideas that are counter to theirs, from even being published. Vile.

  2. But you made a video about it. I seriously think that if none would talk about these bozos they would go away as would this whole hullabaloo with both sides. So fed up with this left right bs.

  3. This feels like a fake controversy. I think penguin is manufacturing this to sell more books. It’s simply too perfect. I feel I’m being manipulated to buy the book.

  4. In the age of fake political correctness, false activism and human rights advocates… The "supposedly oppressed" are oppressing others! What hypocrisy are we living in?! How are such instances any different from oppressive patriarchal cultures?! "Let's mute free speech rights of an intellectual phenomena just because he makes us feel bad about ourselves!"… Spoiled brats! But again, looking the other way, firing people because of expressing their views (no matter how limited and provocative) is very extreme, harsh, and oppressive… What happened to moderation people! For fuck's sake!!!!!

  5. I think the publishing company is trying to steer up some controversy to get even more sales!
    Because I know, in Canada, they fire employees just as fast we do do here in the good old USA. Let’s make Canada also great again 💪

  6. i was working in a large print company. I dont like one political party that make great harm to my country and now most of their associates are now in prison or prosecuted. I verbally convey my unwillingness to print their billboards and such. But is not up to me what goes to the print. After several jobs and the information they gave them discount i quit the job.

    And that is what those snowflake babies should do. If you think the company is doing something that is damaging society dont be part of it. If its possible work at place that you can morally align with. I have no problem working for or with anybody. But those who are close contact or in the left political party (SMER SD). I wont even shake their hand. After 8 years of "dictatorship" i dont believe the air they exhaling. What they done is borderline treason.

  7. It isn't all about the money. It's about not being a short sighted brain washed tool.
    Anyway, stop being all about business and money and your view would be better.

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