March 1, 2021


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Lessons Learned & Empathy Earned: The Story Behind The Story | Rich Roll Podcast

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33 thoughts on “Lessons Learned & Empathy Earned: The Story Behind The Story | Rich Roll Podcast

  1. Yo, I've read your book twice and both times cringed every time you life got worse….listening to this it was the same. You're a role model to me and I love that you got yourself out of that huge hell hole to be who you are today. Peace, One Love

  2. Loved learning about who you were and who you are. Embracing the journey call my life and appreciate the encouragement to "take action". Light and Love to you Rich. BTW – Former marathon runner and current endurance cyclist so I "get" the attraction to what 'normal' people refer to as "crazy".

  3. Relaying the sentiments of a homeless member of one of my 2 homegroups; Tom Petty had photos taken of him all the time; never posed for one. Lots of great feedback; other people will write in in support of your inspirational podcasts. He was offended. Civil discourse …….

  4. People get bashed for acknowledging their sponsors; juxtaposed with an inspiring life story which newcomers to my NA group worry about for 30 seconds; may be you need to explain why you need patreons' pockets full of $$$ for this particular podcast, although everybody needs to make a living. If you were starving in some kind of latter day financial attack/gutter — I know you were there, been there, your wife would not have succumbed to T B; not Mimi; this is this successful spiritual woman in this material world; she's not Mimi. And yes I love all the permutations of La Boheme (southern French sp even without accent). I choose a sponsor with 25plus years so there will be no surprises; A young boy so far away from home, but so are we all. Of course in your deep bottom you were not actually homeless, didn't hide up a chimney when a 14 yr old jewish girl you were discovered by Russian soldiers, like Eva, my mum; gang-raped and left for dead. Or my sister who at 17 was in love with motorcycles and bikers and all it took was brute force and the back of a car. Yes I detest the MeToo movement and all the silliness and perniciousness of taking good people down with the real perpetrators. So deep thx from all of us. (Had my 12 step group — it's small you didn't break your own rules we're still anonymous and ate a lot of convincing beef stew with preveviouly(sp) cooked and partial- pulsed lentils etc.; little onions and mushrooms and lentils and carrots and frozen baby zucchini homemade veg stalk, lot of other stuff; and you were that evening the topper of our small discussion meeting; paper plates, don't care. I have a friend dying of cancer; everyone in the group wanted to look after my dog; no way. My sponsor has my cat until a better roster can be found so here I am watching my friend die again — rubbish — she was her own person as tough as an old boot and her own story and I know no-one gets out of here alive, ok she's 73 but will always be too young; have a good feeling; don't talk the way you do (I don't need 3 syllable words and my syntax is immaculate) — I'm just angry at everyone most of all at myself, so tx again for podcast; inspiring as always. And i'm sorry for writing that your wife pushed you around on this cheese is nuts video when she turned herself intro a sacred cow I know you love her and this woman isn't nuts and you are very protective of her and let's forget about how protective I was about my dad. No, my friend's not an addict. Or a vegan. Think of her because she and I were both Francophones stuck in English schools as … Catherine Deneuve in trouble without that parapet when silly French people rain down witty insults and surprisingly real-looking dead cows over the parapets in a Monty Python skit. Ok, I write stupid e-mails but on my journey from 3 yrs in a wheelchair to here, I had a lot of time to listen and compare. Carry on! The Joy of Movement was my favorite book and author personally. Almost there, and my anonymous friend Catherine will be all right for now.

  5. Always great to hear your story. Liked the part where you said you wanted to create a curriculum for people. Have you ever thought about tagging the episodes into categories? I have shared episodes with various friends who were interested in particular topics but had to do the organizing myself. Your content is so good and I feel like if someone wanted to do a deep dive into a topic it would be very useful to see all your episodes on it.

  6. Rich this isn’t related to your story and I don’t mean to take away from it or your video but the linked story is about empathy and compassion for innocent vulnerable children…

    PS have read the second version of your finding ultra book many times and you were a big inspiration to my husband for going plant based and he’s healthier then ever.

  7. I've been sober for 5 yrs which when I think about it isn't much. So podcasts like yours mean the world to people like me who still struggle, in the words of Jackson Browne to keep love and compassion in sight. I remain group phobic but I love the people in my AA recovery world. Some people, bless them all, get off the plummeting elevator before radically bad things happen and I honour them for that; others like myself need near-death experiences before the lightbulb switches on … and I'm not advocating that for anyone who's listened to this amazing talk; but I've found in AA and NA (not addicted to opiates, just happened to be around the corner and the sobriety was so intense and so real; so I've got 2 home groups) a place to shed those layers of camouflage that served no purpose. When I was young and read the Narnia books, CS Lewis had 2 characters loosely based on his understanding of his alcoholic brother; Edmund (the magic toffee) and Eustace who couldn't or wouldn't accept the gift of that magical landscape he found himself in. See the stories as for children or powerful metaphors for redemption and wonder and finding a higher power and recognizing finally without shame all the mistakes we all as humans continue to make. And empathy — so moving you talked about that. In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Eustace finds himself in a dragon's cave thinking dragonish thoughts, and turns into one. That's the moment when he begins to change; to acknowledge his disconnectedness and to in dragon form, help the people stranded on the island with him. Then comes the moment when he meets Aslan, think we can agree he is a Christ figure, and knows he needs to bathe in this pool to rid himself of his dragon scales. But his own attempts are superficial and ineffectual. When he surrenders to those deep claws of the great lion, the outer dragon does fall away and he emerges with another chance at life. I think you have more than demonstrated how that can be done in your tireless efforts to promote deep thought, responsibility for the planet and more; and you live what you believe: the most powerful tool of all. So, from an often porcupiny (not a word) sort of person, endless gratitude.

  8. Wow! Thx Rich for sharing your story. I'm very glad this video popped up on my recommended viewing. I listened to about a half dozen of your interviews before specifically because i was following your interviewee. I do enjoy your interviews, your calm vibe, IMO. Two things that really struck me in this was your telling of feeling and thinking yourself crazy for what you were doing to yourself and your family in the unsecure material realm and how your wife was able to bring a light of clarity from the other side of the coin and re-balance your perspective. So beautiful, pulled at my emotions. Secondly, your comments about self-help information downloading versus ensuring that I, for my part, am actually doing something with what I'm learning, ingesting mental and/or spiritually. Thx,again!!!

  9. thank you for inspiring people… I extract lots of wisdom from this but 4 main things from your story and the way you share it. 1) all of us need to stop/change the habits that we know are bad for us and in time can cause serious suffering (they can go from addictions or some other from of being irresponsible). 2) we need to have the courage and faith to listen to the voice within, pointing us into the direction of who we really are (better sooner than later). 3) share with as many people as possbile your success story inspiring them to have the courage to get on this path also. 4) we must try and try untill we find a way to fully express what it is what we are, some of us can be like you thorugh a podcast but for everyone it´s different.

  10. Rich Roll is spiritual , super sexy , a heart of gold, I can’t get enough of listening to him , and watching him he’s motivated me to become a vegan I love him—— Thankyou Rich you are such an inspiration and just sooo charasmatic.

  11. I'm OK about ADV to help run any business and podcasts as well.
    But damn, when you're listening something for 10+ minutes and it's still ADV – is this damn OK for 2020?

  12. Rich I am new to your channel. I have spent many hours early in the morning listening to you and your guests…such a great way to start my day! Your story is raw and inspirational. Thank you for sharing it so openly. I’m looking forward to the 2020 journey for all of us.

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