October 17, 2021


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40 thoughts on “Let's Chat Ancient History – My First Live

  1. Just saw a video on the Zohar StarGate channel explaining the potential real use of the Great pyramid. An electricity power plant. It all made sense in that video, and I probably got all the info through lots of other videos before.

  2. Jahannah have you heard of Edgar Casey. He lived from 1848 until 1946 but he was called the sleeping prorghet he predicted everything your talking about the Sphinx and the hall of Records under the Sphinx praw . Also he read people’s past life’s and some had lived in Egypt during the time the pyramids were being built. You can look him up on the web.

  3. I think we could definitely make the boxes… it's more like an overly expensive and time consuming experiment for a machinist or granite worker to just.. ya know… do.. they'd also have to bring all the equipment to a site within reasonable distance to the quarry

  4. I don’t know how religious you are but you could draw another view by watching the genesis history series. I do believe there is a huge history pre-flood. However, their flood viewpoint Really adds a dimension of explanation/ observation that cannot be denied.

    Ps: Set up a patreon account. People will totally help you out to continue your adventures.

  5. The Great Pyramids of Giza – Atlantis – UFOs (UAP’s) going in and out of the ocean – Psychedelics. All linked in some profound, paradigm shifting way. I can see the threads. Just need to pull them all together. I’ll probably end up shouting on a bus, or in a mental hospital but it’s worth a bloody shot!

  6. Absolutely love your passion. I've been researching this subject for almost 2 decades now and you have such a nice way of verbalising the facts. Unlike myself at my friends houses after a wine or two and get NO WHERE trying to convince my audience. Anyway's, your videos give me hope that we WILL have answers in our life time. Thank you so much Jahannah 🙂

  7. I just love ancient history and I've just found you on the Tube, and just LOVE watching your vids! Beauty excitement and super cute. It's so refreshing to see the excitement and plus we are both Graham Hancock disciples I guess. Stay safe there in London Jahannah keep informing us and making videos! Hope I can get my daughter off Harry Potter and on to watching you instead. I so wish I could experience a normal day in Ancient Egypt the closest I could feel that is Wilbur Smiths books. Take good care thank you so much for your videos 😜

  8. You are great, keep doing your thing. I lost all faith in this Yosef guy. You praised him so much but after watching alot of Lucid Trips videos I immediately noticed that he is half full of shit. He only tells you what he wants to babble on about. The video Abydos 1 the guys at 17 minutes come up on a carving of a huge dude smoking a pipe full of lotus leaves. He yells at them for being away from the group and then when they ask him about the carving he just babbles around the glyphs and not really answering what they asked about. Seems ppl who don't know much about Egypt know more than a guy like this. Sorry but i will not hire him as my guide. Peace

  9. Hey Jahannah, around the 40 minute mark you're talking about these "you're thinking of a friend and suddenly he calls you"-kind of phenomena, that we modern and all-so educated people don't pay much attention to. As it turns out, there's a whole bunch of scientific research about this. The skeptards would call it pseudo-scientific, but what do they know. If you want to dive into this – imho suuuuper interesting – rabbit hole, look up the ropic of "remote viewing". I can recommend the YT channel "New Thinking Allowed". Jeffrey Mishlove has so many interesting interviews with people like Russel Targ, Stephan A. Schwartz, Joe McMoneagle or Paul H. Smith who developed this stuff back in the 70s I think at the Stanford Research Institute. So anyway, go look it up, it's super interesting.

    Oh and btw, great channel you got here! Just stumbled across it today, I immediately subscribed! So yeah, keep up the goof work!

  10. I will personally fund your trip to peru if you are struggeling to find funds for it.
    Also, i'll be starting to tour with brien starting next year can't fucking wait 🙂

  11. The “do you think the ancients were beyond us in tech” question made me think of how we say if they could see us now they’d think it was magic. I reckon if we were to see how they moved the pyramid stones etc we would like it was magic. My gut tells me they used sound, vibration and frequencies. These were more than likely metal objects that have rusted and gone forever

  12. Hey. Im actually watching this video on a dose of magic. Did not expect you to mention the bit about your group trying LSD. Im very happy that you guys gave that perspective a go. Also it took me alot of tries to get this message out in the english format

  13. If you Google Stonehenge built in early 1900 there’s tons of photos of people from out time building it and have all the stones out of the ground and some in place when the photos were taken… they look pretty convincing to me… just saying I think the photos might be right

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