37 thoughts on “Lies, Damned Lies and Coronavirus Statistics”
  1. OMG their burying people in mass graves. I have no idea how those people died, but it has to be due to CV19 because the GOV and media said so. SMH America is so doomed. The citizenry has been dumbed down to such an extent, that the dumb by far outnumber the intelligent. The Gov is just checking to see how many people they control before they roll out their final plans.

  2. Reading the comments, you obviously attract an extraordinary number of halfwits and morons Mr Corbett… as in those who agree with the bullshit propaganda you spread from your little bolt-hole in Japan. To summarise, what you say in your laborious, drawn out video, is that we should NOT believe any so-called experts who are left-wing or liberal, but that we SHOULD believe any so-called experts who are right wing or Republicans. Well bravo! Mr Corbett. Throw that man a fish! Why be so political about it though? Why not simply present your viewers with pure objective, medical facts, and allow them to decide what is more likely medically? What really saddens me though, is how many of my countrymen and countrywomen, actually believe all the one-sided crap you spread, without even questioning any part of it. You must feel like the one-eyed man in the land of the blind! It kind of makes it more believable, how the population of Germany ended up believing in Mr and Mrs Hitler's little boy!

  3. There was a study in Germany. A detailed investigation has been done on 1000 bodies of deceased and the results compared with their death certificates and treatments applied during the lifetime. The result has surprised even the biggest pessimists among the experts. In 60% of the cases the diagnosis during the life time was partially correct. In 40% of the cases the diagnosis was wrong and the patients have received wrong treatments. Similar result with the death certificates. About 40% of the certificates statetd the wrong death cause. Those number are from Germany, one of the most successful countries in fighting COVID.

  4. put on your mask! yeah it isn't even cold season and is like 90 degrees out, but yeah, put on the mask! or else you're a bad person! you're not allowed to breathe unless we say so!

  5. JAMES CORBETT, PLEASE STOP EVERYTHING AND READ THIS!!! June 25, 2020 STOP! WHAT IF YOUR CHILDREN OR WIFE HAD TO GO TO THE ER OR EVEN 'JUST THE DOCTOR' FOR SOME PAIN THAT CAN'T WAIT, LIKE AN APPENDIX THAT BURST? EVERY PERSON INSIDE THE BUILDING WILL LOOK AT YOU WITH A VERY WORRIED FACE (BECAUSE THEY ARE WORRIED THAT YOU MAY BE GIVING THEM THE COVID19 AND THEY WILL HAVE TO STAY AWAY FROM THEIR FAMILY AND FRIENDS FOR AT LEAST TWO WEEKS AND RISK LOSING THEIR OWN LIFE. BUY A THERMOMETER THAT YOU CAN USE UNDER YOUR ARM PIT. BUY A TINY OXYGEN METER TEST THAT YOU CAN USE AT THE END OF YOUR INDEX OR RING FINGER. WATCH THE TWO VIDEOS INSIDE THE JAPANESE HOSPITAL OF THE WHITE OLDER (70?) COUPLE FROM THE PRINCESS CRUISE SHIP WHO BOTH GOT THE COVID19. HE SAID THAT HE THOUGHT HE HELPED SAVE HIS OWN LIFE BY PRACTICING LUNG STRENGTHENING BREATHING EXERCISES WHILE SECLUDED IN HIS OWN ROOM WHILE STUCK WITH THE FLU. HIS CAREER TOOK HIM TO PLACES USING THE VENTILATOR AND HE KNEW THAT MEANT HIGH RISK OF AN EARLY DEATH. (I HAVE MET A DROWNING VICTIM WHO HAD A VENTILATOR SCAR IN HIS NECK, HE WAS IN A WHEEL CHAIR FOR LIFE, BUT THE VENTILATOR DID NOT KILL HIM). THIS POLITE UK MAN WAS A FOLLOWER OF 'TAPPING'; LOOK IT UP ON YOU TUBE TO QUIT SMOKING BY TAPPING EACH HAND GENTLY WITH A KARATE CHOP. FOLLOWERS BELIEVE IN IT BECAUSE THEY WENT TO 'TAPPING' AS A LAST RESORT TO REDUCE PAIN, OR ANY BAD HABIT. STAY OFF CRUISE SHIPS, THEY HAVE SPREAD INTENSE FLUS FOR DECADES. REPLACE THE HAND SHAKE WITH (ONLY ONE?) GOOD OUTCOMES OF THE UK EMPIRE: 'THE ROYAL WAVE'. WHILE PRACTICING 'THE ROYAL WAVE' SAY TO YOURSELF: "MY LIFE HAS EQUAL VALUE TO THE QUEEN OR ANY OTHER ROYAL FAMILY MEMBER." THIS COULD HELP END THE PANDEMIC. I DON'T TRUST ANY GOVERNMENT OR MILITARY, MY MOTHER TOLD ME THAT ABOUT 1950, SHE GOT A DEADLY FLU THAT WAS CAUSED ON PURPOSE BY MILITARY TESTING THE GENERAL PUBLIC AROUND THE SF BAY. AT THAT TIME MY FATHER WAS 'DELIVERING BABIES FOR THE NAVY' SO HE MAY HAVE KNOWN ABOUT THESE TESTS. HE HAS A PHOTO OF A BABY WITH A HUGE TUMOR ON HER NECK ABOUT 1957; STANFORD HOSPITAL. I WOULD NOT BE SURPRISED IF IT HAD BEEN FROM THE USA THOUSANDS OF NUCLEAR BOMBS ON THE BIKINI AND MARSHALL ISLANDS. SEE THE JOHN PILGER DOCUMENTARY 'THE COMING WAR ON CHINA.' PILGER DID ANOTHER QUALITY DOCUMENTARY ON A SIMILAR ISLAND TAKE OVER BY THE UK BETWEEN INDIA AND AFRICA, INVOLVING THE MASS SLAUGHTER OF EVERY FAMILY DOG PET THAT LOOKED SIMILAR TO A BLACK LABRADOR RETRIEVER, HELPING THE FAMILY WITH DAILY FISHING. UK FORCED MASS DEPORTATIONS TO OVERCROWDED SHANTY HOUSING IN AFRICA. WORTH LISTENING TO THE NAZI RESEARCHER, MAE BRUSSELL, EXPLAIN HOW THE WOMAN WHO REPLACED HER IN HER FIRST MARRIAGE, TOOK THE 'SWINE FLU VACCINATION' AS HER HUSBAND, A DOCTOR, RECOMMENDED, SOON AFTER, SHE WAS PERMANENTLY DISABLED. YT HAS DOCUMENTARY NEWS FOOTAGE OF SIMILAR VICTIMS WHO SUED THE BIG PHARMA COMPANY. Just got my COVID19 test results earlier today: 'negative.' My new doctor politely demanded that I get the test and was politely angry that I was in his typical tiny patient room with an uncontrollable cough that started all of a sudden while wearing the issued mask (much easier to breathe in than the older style one with a hole in the side, brand new out of the package). I was told by a pediatrician at about age nine or ten 'you are allergic to cats.' I sobbed and wailed as if he told me 'your mother is dead' because cats have always been number one with me. Fortunately my mother allowed me to keep having cats. I learned to avoid their itchy saliva by net petting them. or petting them with a paper towel. I had the 'back scratch test' back in 1988 and was told that I was allergic to cats and dust mites. An allergy to dust mites can be very powerful. I think I may have been bit by a deer tick a few days ago or one of hundreds (thousands) of spiders in my yard, or daily dog walks. I really care about taking care of cats and dogs. The filter (aluminum foil tube needs to be professionally cleaned) where I live but it is going to be very expensive. This is going to be extremely difficult , but I need to stick with these life changes: I need to go 100% online for my reading. I need to photograph all my newspaper articles, books, magazines, then throw them out. I need to listen to Japanese organizing specialist, Marie Kondo free classes on YT one hour per day to 'stick with it.' I need to find the best possible homes for all but three of my cats. Wegman, the photographer of two Rottweilers might be a good home for these nine cats. Five of the extremely beautiful and affectionate (too each other) cats are kittens (or were a short time ago): 3 extremely identical Bengal kittens that quickly have become heavy and muscular. 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Please do a one hour show about why the SF Bay Area is being bombarded with fireworks bombing sounds every night. It sounds like a planned 'inside job' to upset the general public, which includes dogs and cats. Please Skype and do a show with Blackstone Intelligence Network about this Pandemic. Please do a Skype show with Dr. Judy Mikovitz on her life story and current updates on the Pandemic. She was interviewed on Valuetainment and that was taken off of You Tube. But the Pandemic is real! You need a more balanced view of the Pandemic, investigate all sides. Skype with Shaun Attwood about what is happening to the prison population with COVID19. He was in an Arizona prison and almost killed himself because the conditions were so bad, his family paid a fortune to get him quality lawyers to get him out with 'never allowed in America ever again.' June 25, 2020

  6. I am having a tough time discerning what is true. I have read some articles about the NYC hospitals. If this is no worse than Influenza then why did NYC get so overwhelmed like they had never been before? Body count, number of patients, resources, ECT. Some clarity would be helpful.

  7. The largest part of worlds population is just a sheep. Another part is persons who think they are elite and too "smart" and educated , to believe every "conspiracy theory". They are sure, they have to believe those who is speaking from a tv box because it just can't be a lies. And one more part of population don't even need to listening anybody else, they understand them self what is going on this days. I just at the begin of this shit started reading between the lines what some of those bastards talking. And the videos like this one just confirms how I see the situation my self. But the main question is what we can do to STOP all this mess?????????????????????????????

  8. And we have to take into account….in the beginning everyone was running around the stores in a flurry panic buying, spreading said flu. And no one were yet wearing mandatory masks.

  9. Hello, James. This is just a short note from a Russian "comradee". Your stuff is funny, but, please, use less pejorative "Russia references", this is very distractive and gives you thoughts re what propaganda speaking is?

  10. I've watched many of your videos on the "virus" and also your video on China and the NWO. All great info. I'm just wondering why nothing is said of the CCP's role in this Plandemic. Have you done any research regarding this? I would love to hear your thoughts. There seems to be a huge disconnect, where people focus completely on Gates, Fauci, and other Americans who had a hand in the matter on side; and on the other side, there are people focusing solely on the CCP's cover-up, control of the WHO and extremely draconian measures. So far, I haven't seen anyone putting the two together.

  11. Uk now in 2nd place with total deaths in the whole wide world from the bat pox. Meanwhile dominic " I am a smug untouchable git " cummings has broken the UK lockdown and boris " buffoon " Johnson is sticking up for his bosom buddy. This whole thing is becoming a charade.

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  13. So basically this was the biggest global jedi mindtrick since good ol jesus and Santi clauss smfh🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🙍‍♂️🙍‍♂️🙍‍♂️🙍‍♂️🙍‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️

  14. With all due respect, I disagree with the notion that the virus isn't serious, it is. However, it's being used as an opportunity to push certin agendas around the globe. Mainly, bail out big corporations and increase funds to governments, etc.

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