38 thoughts on “LIVE: From Ground Zero of Dallas Riot Destruction! | Good Morning #Mugclub”
  1. Painting, marching, kneeling, isn't the right way to protest. What is the right way? Solution: my ego got hurt, so I call the police? That's precious. 🧔😂

  2. This really fucking bothers me. Steven Crowder started off talking to him and I thought he was genuinely going to listen. Instead he started clowning, antagonizing, and assuming that he was doing something illegal. Just shut the fuck up for a few minutes and treat people with dignity and respect in your life. Crowder clearly wasn't doing that and if you're pretending he was then you're spreading hatred and making problems that we still have with race way worse . . . .

  3. Why are all the top comments calling him a karen? His like to dislike ratio on the video isn't even that bad. And I don't think crowder overacted at all, people were being attacked and businesses were being destroyed/looted the night before.

  4. Victimless crime SuperCarenCrowder to the rescue! Neither side was right here. What a display of indulgence into the lowest common denominator showing a perfect micro example of the macro shit show we call America. You do a disservice to Christians with this garbage. Love thy neighbor unless they are doing something you interpret as a crime and then call the cops. Great way to substantiate the validity of your position in truth. This vid is why the left/right paradigm will ensure the destruction of the Godly love of our fellow man. Hadn't watched a vid of yours in years and happend to see this one confirming that this is a still a limited hangout agitation station. Godspeed to you and your "tip of the spear" military industrial sandbox psyop.

  5. All the triggered liberals in the comments 🤣😂🤣😂. You guys don't like confrontation do you? This is ACTUAL discourse. The reason nobody challenges you losers is they don't want to hear your autistic screeching.

  6. It's a shame that once people see how this black racist acts, they will think I act the same and believe the same shit as him. For those of you calling SC a Karen, well, who would you rather live next door to? The racist? The leftie apologist? Or SC?
    (let the ad hominems begin)

  7. That was very representative of the problem. It started well. Then the black guy got in his feelings, got worked up and could no longer hold a conversation. At some point during this Crowder lost his patience, and then neither party able to communicate effectively with eachother. The black guy then started taking the stance "you're white so your the problem" (which is racist) and Crowder turned into a Karren. Was the guy vandalizing, sure probably but in the nicest possible way. He was beautifying a piece of temporary plywood, which is technacaly wrong but also harmless. Man I want that pic to hang up when done. The man had skills!!

  8. Bigots will be bigots. The worst racists and bigots are the ones who dare to call themselves Christians. You all worship the flag and dollars. Bunch of racists devils.

  9. Alright yall, once you get past all the comments hating on Crowder because liberalism is trying to influence everything, you'll find your place among comments like this one, who know that all reasoning was lost when the black guy began throwing around racial generalizations. If you're gonna call Steven "Karen" or something for somehow losing this debate, you need to remember the fact that he's walking through the streets of a DESTROYED city. Violence has never been the answer, and that's what Crowder is trying to convey here.

  10. 36:21 Steven: I don't call the police and say black people, unless a black person commits a crime.

    36:33 Good Citizen: you not even humble enough to stop talking

    36:42 Good Citizen: Listen Listen Listen

    Announcer: It was at this moment that Karen knew he couldn't push his agenda.

    37:20: Steven(Karen): Does the owner know your doing this? Did you talk to him about? Is this art or graffiti?

    37:38 – Full Blown Karen: Let's have someone call the police about VANDALIS,,,, to find out if its a business

    Moral of the story: Most Republicans have a Karen hidden inside them and will come out when they can't have their agenda pushed.

  11. I love how this is 47min long and the only thing most people got from this is "he called the cops, what a karen" goes to show the intellectual capacity of said people.

  12. The idiots in this comment section defending Gabriel when he just starts babbling and mocking as soon as he knows he's gonna get in trouble for, ya know, breaking the law. He never once tried to engage in a true civil discussion with Steven even though Steven was kind enough to give a vandal a platform to speak his mind which would have been a great time to calmly explain your position and help your cause.

  13. Note to everyone on this video, it has been posted on a reddit page for liberals titled : "Crowder gets owned in argument." (Yet another lie by liberals with selective hearing) with 55k upvotes by liberals on the site, and thats why all the bullshit you see in the comments are trash talking Crowder. (Because you know liberals don't fight on their own, they come in droves.) They are all NPCs that decided to leave the site and take their whining here.. Don't bother poking the animals. They have no morals. Just really selective hearing. (Apparently from thier denial of what happened in the video.) Best to just let them whine, think they won the arguement and move on. Thry do not see fact. And it is also hard to deal with manchildren. Estimated time of departure: The next thing they dont get their way with, and decide to whine about.. which is five min from now. That is all. Have a great day Youtube.

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