March 5, 2021


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Lockdown – The Dark Side of History. Are we Doomed to Repeat it?

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39 thoughts on “Lockdown – The Dark Side of History. Are we Doomed to Repeat it?

  1. Interesting that some of the Catholic clergy in different countries have stepped up and are standing against what they have called the "lies" of the government/media. They're also standing against the vaccine due to aborted babies. They're standing against big tech and their censorship of the truth. That is an interesting development. Has Jesus said, "never be afraid".

  2. If you can see this as manipulation, Ivor, why is it so unfathomable to you that vaccines do harm? Please look at the science! Not one double blind inert placebo study on any childhood vaccine. Why?

  3. What actions can we take to stop this? Are there any groups that are making an organised stand against this? It seems as though all anyone is doing is talking about how oppressive this all is, but no actual effective legal or organised challenges to this tyranny or coming together to protect people and buainess that are being destroyed. This is so depressing…

  4. I remember watching that experiment when I was a child, and made the decision i would never blindly do what those in authority told me to do. I never did and I never will. I always start with premise that they lie and they never make decisions for our good.

  5. There is a good reason why Christianity has been expunged from our daily lives and allowed in 'New Age' Satanism where morals, truth, and integrity have become subjective. To fully understand how this came about, I strongly urge you to watch this video.

  6. “we” maybe not ….. but some of our imbecile politicians …. Yes ! Food for thought ; If the first lockdown would have worked why have a second one …… if the first lockdown didn’t work … why have a second one ????? The definition of insanity ; repeat the same mistakes and expect a different result …….

  7. Freedom & Democracy has brought fascism to Britain, this very same freedom can also destroy the fascism that now exist under Boris Johnson’s Government, THAT’S STARTS with electing your local councillor’s, simply STOP voting for Labour Conservative & Liberals, that will clear out the 650 MPs + PM. You have one freedom left, before they take it away, the VOTE, use it wisely or lose your freedom altogether, you might never get another CHANCE. Support Tommy at & join #ForBritain at

  8. yes, there will be a repeat of the ruinous lockdown madness in all countries and polities controlled by left-wing politicians which includes the turncoat, fake Tory, Johnson.

  9. we, as a whole, we 've failed miserably. after so many centuries of civilization, after having everything, decent living conditions, access to information and education, we're once again, showing our ugly part. Western civilization was rotten already on the inside, we needed 9 months and a low mortality virus to disassemble the entire social fabric WITH NO opposition. We were rotten already and we deserve what's coming. I'll just wait to see the faces of stupid sheeple who allowed this to happen when they'll realize eventually what happened. But it will be too late for them and they'll need to accept. Then I'll choose to commit suicide as a final expression of freedom and free will. They'll never own my body, my mind, and my soul.

  10. if all this is true then it's gonna need a lot of people to resist this plus it would help if a lot of police and military back up the resistance. It would require a way where all those who wish to resist to form a unit or group where they can communicate and plan. Didn't everything eventually go back to normal after the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic maybe society will go back to normal soon.

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