April 21, 2021


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Locked down Alberta salon will reopen: Risk a COVID fine, or lose everything

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45 thoughts on “Locked down Alberta salon will reopen: Risk a COVID fine, or lose everything

  1. I feel the funniest thing about this is that RN didn't help this lady but rather fast tracked this lady into bankruptcy, foreclosure or what ever because now when the cops are looking to hand out fines, they know exactly who to go to first!! Bwahahaha!!! So silly these stories cuz it ain't news, thats for sure!!

  2. Everyone OPEN your restaurants and stores! OPEN! The govt and police cannot issue enough attention to everyone opening. Plus you will WIN in court! OPEN OPEN OPEN! The govt will finally get scared!

  3. Sue them for breach of contract . The system is to allow free ppl to live as part of the agreement made along time ago . .gov are in breach sue for effecting your livlyhood . They arr responsible because they made it happen ..search out our sovergn right ….triple your fines against them . .. lawyers need to stand up right or there no diff then them,in their costumes ..

  4. It's sad, this shouting down business all over is ruining people's lives and livelihood. Our foolish leaders really didn't give that to much caring thoughts. Shame on you all in all government levels.

  5. These fathead politicians still getting fat paycheques!!!! Why r they not donating part of their salaries to these businesses that are losing everything??? Oh and these provincial docs!!!! They should b steppn up with their salary donations!!!!! At one time stood behind these politicians, but now enough is enough!!!! As these stupid lockdowns r not working!!!! They should b focusing in seniors homes and all flights in out stopped for a few mnths!!!!

  6. Not sure why your broker even has anything to say? The broker is not the mortgage holder. Once you make it through this I would ditch your mortgage company and pick a different one. I also used a broker and my mortgage holder deferred my mortgage 3 months. This whole thing is such a farce..a hoax. It's meant to crush us, take our income take our property.

  7. Justice centre can hopefully legally defeat these absurd draconian measures . The hospitals are at 5 % critical covid beds full. What a scam . Kenny and medical people must resign due go lying and destroying peoples lives .

  8. Thats looks like someone who is over extended that can’t afford where they live… anybody see the hot-tub on the way into her “business”… Where exactly did she get her medical degree? Btw classy lady , wears a shut the F*** p t shirt on her interview.
    BTW rebel “news”.. why don’t you pony up and buy another wireless mic for the interviewee – or are you that clueless?

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