April 10, 2021


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London Police BREAK Lockdown Rules

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23 thoughts on “London Police BREAK Lockdown Rules

  1. I agree with the police, but I didn't agree with the fine.
    A £25 is enough if they are out of order.i see the majority of old age Pensioner warring 😷, but the young ones are not are not
    bothering expecially with this
    new virus.ps the police will have to use there own discretion. In certain circumstances

  2. Just imagine the state (Stazi ) of policing when that university brainwashed excuse for a woman is reading out bloody Section numbers of Law.
    She should been shown the bottom of that sea wall like the statue in Bristol.
    "Under section etc. " Can you believe it in the UK? In 2021 for a flask of coffee?
    Population control for Agenda 21 is underway. They suggested a pandemic as a "common enemy but abandoned it because you can't predict one so they changed to Global Warming.
    I ain't making it up. How do you think that I know?
    Find it and read it. It won't mention me! The Club of Rome.
    This real pandemic is a god-send for them.
    This lock down will NEVER be released…NEVER. Mark my words.
    They've got the grip they wanted and will never let go.
    Do you know that the Head of the police Cressida Dick is a leading member of a concealed political organisation called Common Purpose. It's not secret or I wouldn't know about it. It is surreptitious and has a grip on Political Parties, local councils, Education,the Judiciary, The Police and authorities I cannot count.
    Again, don't believe ME.. No conspiracy theory here. Go find it for yourself….. COMMON PURPOSE
    Total Population Control is underway and expanding, ruthlessly and relentlessly.
    How has Cressida Dick got to where she is?


  3. Blood boiling to see this, absolutely fucking disgusting. How dare people want to live a normal life and be able to walk outdoors? What a joke, and they'll surround a single old woman on a bench with 6 people to arrest them, good social distancing being practiced there. -.^

  4. Cops havent a clue what they are doing they are ill informed poorly trained quickly recruited no goods ie cant drive a broom let alone a paint brush…

  5. It breaks my heart mate. I feel like ending it when I see what our government is doing, to us here in Australia and all over the World. They are killing us and breaking our spirit.

  6. Come to harlow Essex bp station near m11 every night are countless numbers of police having thier free coffee , not allowed under thier oath , not social distancing , it’s just not right

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