May 13, 2021


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27 thoughts on “London’s Jigsaw Killer

  1. I used to work for Steve in the early 2000's in a gym. What a character, troubled and violent, and also very jolly as well. Saw some mad stuff while working for him for 4 months. Lucky i got out unscathed.

  2. Do no what we all got a cousin or a friend like this lunatic his proper good stuff but I bet his drive his family fucking nuts over the years ?? bet everyone runs when they see him comeing in the pub imagine him after a line fuckin hell ?????

  3. James stop doing this to me mate keep thinking it’s something new to watch/listen to and it’s the same stuff ? I know to expect it ever Sunday but your fans wouldn’t mind some bonus stuff during the week especially the ones who have seen every single podcast haha ?

  4. I was in hmp full sutton with Steve Marshall, he was orderly in the cooking course, amazing baker but it cracked me up that "the jigsaw killer" was handling carving knives. Nice fella, me,wilky,the big fella,and scouse Kirk loved that cooking course.

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