April 22, 2021


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Lord Sumption: mass civil disobedience has begun

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21 thoughts on “Lord Sumption: mass civil disobedience has begun

  1. Great up till vaccines. If you believe this vaccine works why, once you have had one , be afraid of someone who hasn't had one? If you don't believe they work, why have it? Either way why have additional restrictions on those who do not have the vaccine?

  2. To those of you who are vehemently against the use of the vaccine, what is your actual position? Is it simply against the perceived coercion to take it, against vaccine passports and the like or do you actually believe the vaccine itself is a nefarious drug that is potentially harmful? If so, on what basis are you making these claims?

  3. I lost respect when he talked about the vaccines and passports. He contradicted his arguments, the vaccine is untested, it is a RNA DNA changing experiment. There is no liability from the pharmaceutical companies for vaccine damage. The Neuremberg code is supposed to protect us against being experimented on. Equally, introduction of passports is the thin edge of the wedge for the Chinese style credits system. Non of this was addressed. There is an elite that is controlling governments to bring in Klaus Schwab's Great Reset and Agenda 21/30, as a remainer he must be behind these despotic measures as the EU is part of what is going on. More controlled opposition here like Peter Hitchens.

  4. Appalled at Lord Sumption's failure to comprehend the far-reaching, abominable effects of vaccine passports. He must reverse course on this or else he's being intellectually inconsistent. A liberal in favour of vaccine passports – does not line up. Freddie Sayers should have called him out on this point.

  5. Venues which require proof of vaccination will lose money anyway. There is a significant minority who do not believe these experimental therapies – I don't think they can be called vaccines – are safe and will not go along with vaccine passports. Those hospitality businesses which insist on passports will lose money, money which they can ill afford to lose after a year of closures and restrictions. Personally, I value my health above the desirability of going to the cinema or the theatre. And the vaccine manufacturers don't claim it stops you from getting infected or transmitting the infection, so why did Sumption take it?

  6. I strongly disagree that vaccine passports are better than lockdowns. Both are utterly despotic. There is also the legal issues around coercion and discrimination, neither of which were addressed, and both of which are critical. Lord Sumption has just fallen considerably in my estimation, and I’m very sad about this, as he has long been the voice of legal reason.

  7. He may be a Law Lord but he's certainly no immunologist is he? Did you see what he did there? (Paraphrasing) 'It would be better to quietly ignore the lockdown so that we can scare and coerce the population into accepting the [genocidal] vaccine' – whilst roundly ignoring that democratic government is no longer in the drivers seat here!

  8. It is my profound belief that China and our politicians in the US conjured up this virus to get rid of Donald Trump.Trump's greatest asset was the economy and look what they did.One has to just take a look at the constant barrage of Bullshit that they threw at Trump.There's no Fucking way Joe Biden won all of those votes.Our media keeps saying these court cases regarding the election were thrown out for a lack of evidence which is a total lie.They were thrown out for Bullshit legal reasons such as "standing" or procedural reasons.Our own Supreme Court,which is 6-3 Conservative wouldnt even hear the cases.This is proof of a massive conspiracy and it looks like they'll all get away with it!!!

  9. Not only is it morally acceptable to the law in some cases, but it is a duty in a true democracy to not only ignore authority when it turns against the people, but to fight it. In extreme cases of oppression even regicide is acceptable, according to some legal experts.

  10. Lots of deaths and injuries so far from vaccines worldwide in just a few weeks since vaccinations began. Proponents of vaccine passport should do their homework and not presume vaccines are like vitamins.

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