February 25, 2021


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31 thoughts on “Lucy Harris: Why I'm standing for The Brexit Party

  1. Congratulations on winning your seat yesterday Lucy. Any chance of starting a crowdfund for legal costs to sue that disgusting war criminal Alistair Campbell, for accusing you last night, on live national TV, of being funded by Russia?

  2. okay………I'm inspired by this……..I'll say it………."I DON'T LIKE WHAT'S GOING ON". There. Said it. I certainly don't. I don't like right wing nutjobs thinking that they know what's best for normal people. And BTW, you lot don't have a cat in hell's chance of running anything other than a stall at a boot fair on a council estate selling half-baked cakes.

  3. People need someone to trust, people have enough of the lying media, BBC and company, people want an honest, democratic, party, who honours people's wishes. None of the other parties have delivered this. Nigel Farage has sacrificed a large portion of his life to fight at the pagan Europe, Europe the whore, who steals our money, dictates from Brussels what we are to do with the food we put on our tables, who penalises us like naughty children when we 'disobey' their sordid policies. WE HAVE ENOUGH OF LIES, COME ON NIGEL, WE ARE PRAYING HARD FOR YOU. LET IT BE THE WILL OF HIM WHO ALSO BELIEVES IN HUMAN FREEDOM, TO PUT YOU IN THE PLACE OF THE HYPOCRITES, TO REDRESS THE CREDIBILITY OF EACH SINGLE INDIVIDUAL IN THIS BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY MY ENGLAND USED TO BE, B E F O R E W E W E R E IN E U R O P E!!! I used to work for the Court of Justice of the EU up to 1979, I know what is going on behind their CLOSED DOORS!

  4. Love your passion, Lucy. Yes, we need to do this for our children and grandchildren to be sure they are free. All the very best in the upcoming EU elections. Right behind you….

  5. It is unbelievable that nothing, but nothing at all, appears in the news about the Brexit party here in the Netherlands. Fortunately we know where the news can be found, but the official side doesn't talk about it. Fear of a Nexit? It could just be that. Good luck! Cheers!

  6. Today i'll enjoy unboxing the “Brexit Box”. It's retailing at 295 pounds, provides food rations to last 30 days, according to its producer, businessman James Blake who says he has already sold hundreds of thousands of them.

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