April 11, 2021


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Lynette Zang (Monetary Reset, Economic Crisis, Future Gold Price, How To Thrive In Chaos)

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40 thoughts on “Lynette Zang (Monetary Reset, Economic Crisis, Future Gold Price, How To Thrive In Chaos)

  1. As long as American can forget the laws of the land and submit to
    anything the corporation known as the UNITED STATES decrees they will be
    on their knees. ( this does not mean revolution, it means going to the
    law of the land) And as long as shows, like this, do not ever mention
    the constitutional mandate of money the people can expect to be
    enslaved! The bank-ster's ideas are repeated daily, but the people's
    ideas are never talked about. P.S. Love your videos, and that laugh!

  2. Did you just take a shot at Trump-supporters? WTF! Lost all credibility there, George! You don't like Trump who was Americas last hope. It's because of Biden and that type of politicians that is responsible for this mess!

  3. They created the covid virus to force people into their homes so they're not able to work and earn and have to depend on the government. I feel this is all because they want to own all assets themselves and create a feudal system where they rule and everyone lives under them and serves them because the public won't own any real assets or precious metals they will have to lease everything from the government. the people will get only what they choose to give us ☔ ( Stimulus) That's their brilliant control strategy because they're dividing all of us with social distancing Classic Divide & Rule strategy which the british used to enslave and rob half of the world and then gradually they will quash free speech and freedom liberty as well Shut the people down, don't let them work and give them crumbs (Stimulus) ♨️❄ thats the plan thank you for sharing this information People need to know the truth before it's too late ☆♤◇♧ Guys we should all spread this info as much as we can so we can bust their plan and stand united against this♡♡♡ Rise up people before it's too late ✊ don't handover your wealth and freedom to the curropt government Remember what history has taught us he who owns the gold sets the rules⭐ Thankyou for sharing this information how the 1% have been transfering the people's wealth to themselves ♤♤♤ the overblown Covid is just a distraction. people are so busy that they're not noticing what's actually happening 🙄

  4. New subscriber here! Just discovered George Gammon. He is smart, great speaking voice – and handsome. He and Lynette having their discussion are the perfect trio! Thanks for the fantastic interview!

  5. Remember setting a backburn fire on your own ranch land property was considered "domestic terrorism" and still is by our federal courts. Look at the Hammond case in Oregon which led to the occupation of the Malheur Refuge and the FBI shooting death of Lavoy Finicum.. "Domestic terrorism" was already extremely expanded under Obama.

  6. Facebook and Twitter are for profit companies, the first amendment doesn't apply to them. They have every right to kick people off their platforms for any reason. No shoes, no shirt, no service. It's no different than a florist not being forced to do flower arrangements for a gay wedding. Don't like twitter or facebook? Don't use it.

  7. Lynette is one of my absolute favorites. Real
    Straight talk. Appreciate both of you. Also, think you make brilliant point that they HAVE to give monthly stimulus to make people comfortable to spend the currency in to the economy. Take care and hoard hard assets

  8. @ Lynette zang:
    Why would they need to anchor the new currency to gold? Now the currency is not anchored to gold and 99,9% op people don't even know how money is created or what money is.
    So in a reset after a hyperinflationary event or crisis, the Gov, will just make up a story that the sheeple will blindly accept, because they will be desperate for a new money ( medium of exchange ). No need for gold or any hard asset to back it up. Just the Gov saying, this is the new money and it is worth this amount.
    I would just not be so 100% sure that they will back the new money with anything else but "trust" in the government.

  9. SDR's are a basket of worthless currencies–all tied to the worthless US Dollar–so their plan to use that as the worlds digital currency is doomed from the beginning. I laugh at how bad Jerome Powell and Janet Yellin are at economic chess. They are scandalously so, complete idiots.

  10. Truth, fully agree with what have been discussed. Some of the topics discussed are actually happening in a country on the earth in reality. I do not support Trump but his belief.

  11. George, have a great happy birthday in Scottsdale! I’m sorry that I missed the RSVP. This birthday bash would have been a great place to relax and release from being pent-up from Covid standards out here on the East Coast. Have fun and stay safe!

  12. Two days ago I finished reading George Orwell's 1984 and I also remember reading Animal Farm in junior high. Are we ever so slowly heading towards that in decades ahead? I truly doubt it, but when the control of the banking system is becoming digital it is approaching greater control of 'currency' usage.

  13. Gold is regarded by Western Central banks as a TIER One asset like all notes and coins. It was moved after a Central Bank meeting 2 years ago from a Tier 3 asset to a Tier One asset!!

  14. The Treasury and/or Minister of Finance in each 192 Bankrupt Corporation Nations, are representing the I.M.F. in each country as a Bankruptcy Trustee, and administer the proceeds back to the I.M.F.

    The IRS and all other Tax Collection Agencies are sub-contractors to the I.M.F. Trustees.

    We pay an "Excise Tax" for the privilege and benefit of using "Private Commercial Paper"(aka US dollar bills).

    The Onion has many layers, but not impossible to unpeel.

    The Act of 1871 is where the party started for the private international bankers. Look up a tribe named the Cryptos from the Iberian Penninsula. Alot can be revealed if we keep an open mind.

  15. Funny she says in a “free world” then people should be able to say what they want, but you don’t agree that a company has the same freedom to run their business as they see fit and what their terms of agreement are. The double speak is interesting

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