March 8, 2021


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Macron Breaks Illegal Migration Treaty [Livestream]

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48 thoughts on “Macron Breaks Illegal Migration Treaty [Livestream]

  1. Trump was happily putting all sorts of tariffs on Chinese goods. Biden's pro China…VERY!!… so they'll come off again. The rumour in the States is that the bat virus research that was being done had been paid for by the Obama admin….it was considered too dangerous to do in the USA

  2. i think i heard that the French want another 100 million pounds to "deal with this". I think Britain's already paying tens of millions of pounds for the same thing already.

  3. Tell the EU any boat illegally landing on British shores will have every illegal occupant returned to France… Appoint some of our forces to patrol our shores in smaller boats and make a stand. If you don't have a deterrent you don't have anything.

    Give the EU notice to stop playing Billy big boots… They are falling apart with the mindset and lack of reality from its unelected… Italy will be leaving as the second divorce and the third is a close race.

    Remoaners should open their eyes and see they was never told the truth about the EU but you should start to see. You was pumped with highly financed group to stop brexit because the EU knew the UK leaving would stop a very big gravy train and the EU money trees have stopped growing.

    Biden did not win the election as 1 condition of voters is that they are still alive… Follow the money and see the connections to Soros so do not do any voting by machines… Paper vote with ID/proof in personal attendance otherwise like the US the people's vote really is irrelevant when Soros has an office in the same building as the voting machine companies… Look at how they get funded

    Lastly go into politics as you like many of us have common sense… This is a quality that is rare in politics.

    Trump is a world leader that did deals and looked after his country which help other countries. He is the only leader to ever exceed his pledges and closer to Boris than you would think… Obama to date is the worst US president but Biden is openly stupid so he could actually win something legitimately

  4. What should be done is to pick them up, take them back to French waters and send them on their way. Notify the French coast guard they are heading to France.

  5. Half of lorries 'return to Europe EMPTY': Trucks sent to Britain return to EU without goods over post-Brexit export fears as UK firms are 'told to set up hubs across the Channel' to help avoid disruption

  6. If you have a British fishing boat you can't catch these precious British fish because of Brexit they can't sell them but best to focus on brown people!

  7. Pathetic Patel can't fix the migrant situation she needs to go and get someone in who can. Stop paying the French anything, Get their boats out of our waters and close the borders. Stupid deal bodged over the line still not supporting our fishermen. Crap crap crap!!!

  8. Mahyar, only thing we need to see from Patel is her physically stopping migrants!! Words and agreements count nothing!!! and get rid of that flag in a British govt office!

  9. Everyone seems to break it except the UK and the illegal's are coming into the UK via the tunnel, and when it comes to the health issues the government have not given us the figures on how many people will die or be effected by lockdown's despite it having been reported that 4.5 million non Covid patients are now awaiting treatment, and that 560,000 will die or be effected by lockdown's

  10. People talking about voting UKIP, should consider the reform party or Fox's party. The UKIP executive betrayed their supporters and turned full on authoritarian.

  11. I understand we have paid hundreds of thousands to France to stop the illegals coming to Britain. When is the government going to hold Macron to account ,why isn’t our government sending these people back to France. Or Demand our money back immediately.

  12. Not so Priti Patel/ Gov are not trying to stop the Boat people. Get some of our Navy Guys to swim about their boats with a Shark Fin on their Backs….You would see people able to Run on Water😂😂

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