April 20, 2021


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Macron Takes REVENGE On Brits Following Migrant Boats Fiasco

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31 thoughts on “Macron Takes REVENGE On Brits Following Migrant Boats Fiasco

  1. Europeans loath seeing the UK progress. Especially the French. Them and Germany would love to see us fail. They obviously don’t know what it’s like to be British. We stand firm and proud. Our government need to put France in its place, this needs to be done now. I’m tired of them focusing on us all the time. They have their own issues, why are ours more important? We need to show Europe our dominance and that we aren’t to be fucked with! We have gone soft!

  2. Boris Johnson thinks the EU is punishing him by not making a deal if he decides on a “no deal Brexit”. There is a good chance that the EU will let the UK to struggle in their self isolation, meanwhile changing the rules so Downing Street 10 needs to follow which proves the UK can not be sovereign.

  3. Equally the same could be said about the uk govt.the whoke covid 19 has bevone a political knock stick andvyhe oeopke ofvygebuk are suffering. Because no one prepsred to make the difgivult call andvend this madness. Yes infevtion rates will increase. Logical
    Test more people get more positives results
    How many develop symptoms
    Low level, medium , mefical treatment, hospitalization death.
    We need to ramp up exposure we gavd no vaccine so we need to do it the old way.
    We also need to know who has antibodies.
    People die all the time around 1400 a day normally.

    Saying people tedted positive does not give and indication of the mortality rate.
    The uk figures are very tainted as lical govt where recotding all deaths as covid as there was money attached to covid deaths naughty local govt.
    We need to get a true figure
    Who infected how gad hiw long did itvtske fire tgr body to fight off. Non of this died with 28 days because death could be car accident etc.
    Who revovered who not recover and whodued dyring treatment. Lets stop guessing. Lets stop wasting money on nightingale hospital track and trace.
    Lets use what we have
    We need central command vonttol not local people doing there own thing.

    We could have had regional care centre for those requiring hospitalization of more than 24hrs.
    Population testing station lined to la call centre for tract and trace,
    Local treatment centres in the closed gp practise for people whos symptons worsen after 72hours .
    If not responding to treatment move to covid hospital
    Not main hospital
    Leaving general hospital open.
    The lack of planning is appalling

  4. It is really funny to see that you lot were/are triggered because (from the vid at 2:20 ) anyone, which I think means ANYONE, will face two weeks of quarentine when comming to France, where you are not supposed to go out, probably because you are under Quarantine and you also face this treatment, when you want to go back too your country, which suprisingly also wants the safety of an Quarantine.
    So in your naretive every country should hate France or more precise every country which wants to protect lives with Quarantine schould be hated, so yours too.
    Let's come together to hate the World…

  5. He just killed all holidays to France. Anyone with a booked Holliday knows they can't just disappear for another two weeks, so they are going to cancel their holiday in favour of somewhere else…

    It's typical French behaviour. I'm just waiting for the militant union action blockading the channel tunnel and delaying delivery vehicles. Then add to that the ferry's and fishing boats that are going to make things difficult.. it's the usual first step for the French.

  6. So whos paying for the extra two weeks in france . Macron isnt the sharpest tool in the box is he . If this doesnt stop people going to france ill be shocked . England and france have been at war for centuries . You'd think things would have changed by now . But apparently macrons feelings have been hurt . So hes going to spit his dummy out and throw a tantrum .

  7. No Mahyar, not sure you quite answered the TV licence question without mentioning the word live. The key word is live tv. If you don't watch or record live TV, then you don't have to have a TV licence.

  8. Now now Macron. Please do not tarnish everyone in the UK with the same brush. It isn't our fault both sides have incompitent governents to some degree (not all of them but some) that cannot come to a 50/50. I'm one of the very few who actually thinks under the right circumstances the Uk and France should infact share fishing waters to some degree (if it is a free fair trade from both sides no rants no rows as we're so close in the same channel which is connected with the USA and Denmarks trade alliance. So consider that not all of us infact hardly any of us want a huge political nightmare with the French and the threats aren't hardly fair on the people who don't want it. The UK has bigger issues than France getting enraged at us just because one women said something incredibly strong and stupid. I think the UK and France should both take a deep sigh and re-think our negotiations and calm the hell down.

  9. Untrue claims? Nigel proved them to be valid complaints, French Navy Ship escorting several small boats toward Britain from France. Boycott France! No French wine, no vacations in France, they are openly assisting human traffickers moving people between countries illegally.

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