March 1, 2021


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Mafia's Top Lawyer Who Runs Las Vegas

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34 thoughts on “Mafia's Top Lawyer Who Runs Las Vegas

  1. What an interesting interview, I enjoyed it all the way through. Oscar Goodman's code of ethics is exactly the same requirements for superior management for corporations and businesses with the center post of integrity holding all the others together. I really don't think there is much integrity left in any business or individuals.

  2. He better not have cut his finger off…
    I dont like this guy,he just called you not smart?i wont this guy gone.hes pissing me down liking this video,not cause of value,cause of that guy.if theres any gds in vegas,that guy has to fall from the tree.trumps garbage but so is this guy.

  3. Patrick, you, Joe Rogan, Jorden Petersen, Eric Weinstein, Daniel Schmatenburger and a few others are the pinnacle of our time for who and what you bring to mankind. Thank you brother.

  4. I lived in vegas for 10 years under Goodman. I got rich. It was a great time of my life. Everything he says about Vegas being a place of freedom is so right. Vegas is the most underrated city in America. It's a great place to live.

  5. One has to wonder why Mr. Goodman claims to know something about Manafords case and has no idea about all the permanent immunity the FBI handed out to known child sex traffickers and far worse.

  6. 'No one ever gave me anything for nothing.' He's lying. He was at a refugee camp which is someone paying either taxes or charity to provide him with, shelter, food, medical care and probably education. He then went to Germany and I know Germany helps refugees so, again I imagine he was housed due to their welfare system. So without that help from others, he'd have been begging in the street of Iran or dead. Foreign aid from governments like the European Union and the USA pays for those refugee camps.
    Yet, now he has a little money he clearly doesn't believe in helping a person with the basics so they can then help themselves. If you have a roof over your head and can get clean and have food you can get a job and get a part-time education and do something with your life. I think it is shameful that others helped hi yet he doesn't want to help anyone else. Remember there are poor children in the USA just like he was a poor child in Iran.
    Creating a social security net doesn't drag down a nation. You want a healthy, happy, e3ducated population to have a safe society. The USA has massive inequality and is the only developed nation without basic healthcare and they wonder why people are rioting. For your own security you have to make life in your nation worth living for all. To give an opportunity to all. The USA is the most unequal of all developed nation and the one with the highest murder rate, highest crime rate and the one with riots, gangs and no go areas.
    The USA has 5% of the world's population but 20% of the global prison population. The USA locks up more citizens than any nation in human history. Do you know how much it costs to put someone in jail? So it is better for a society to provide accommodation, education and opportunity to the poor than to eventually have to lock them up in jail.

  7. very very unique guy….jeeez…he has values, but moral etc…nonexistent at all…….he would even say of Hitler, well…nice guy…..^^too bad he cant talk bout most, just too delicate..I get it..

  8. Pat, lighten up. Relax. You look like you got some GI issues and need to "GO"! Smile, lay back, relax, listen. You act like you are in court hearing testimony or in boot camp listening to a drill sergeant. Lighten up—you have great interviews. Be more inviting for us!

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