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Making sense of Google AdSense

How do you make sense of Google AdSense when things don’t add up?

A few weeks ago, my new website applied for Google Adsense to promote services and products and earn some revenues. Unfortunately, according to Google Adsense, my website (an aggregator news website) doesn’t reflect Google terms. Ok, cool, I get that. So, I said to myself: “well I better do something about it and try to improve the content of my website and add value, as google says”. Nice, I’m thinking a monthly or a weekly newsletter (I’m working on it) to our subscribers and readers would do or maybe one article now and then should do, right?

My curiosity started to wonder and asked: “is out there any website like mine that already enjoy Google AdSense or no?

Well didn’t take too long before I bumped into a website called the Drudge Report funded by Matt Drudge in 1995. I could have found more than one website. But, I would like to treat this as an example, not as a total investigation or as a comparison ( to be clear).

It is basic. The Drudge Report website uses links from other websites as I do. To create content and traffic and earn revenues, guess from whom? Yes, you guessed right from Google AdSense. Anyway, I looked around the website. But, couldn’t find any link or sources that make this website so different from mine. Like Google AdSense says: “you need to add value”. Ok, alright, where is this added value? Am I blind or the content is somewhere hidden away? No Idea. If you can help me with that – much appreciated.

Hmmm, I’m thinking isn’t this double standard or what? To be honest with you, the Drudge Report website looks a bit ugh. But, I leave this up to the readers to decide. Their website has indeed got plenty of traffic and exposure. Very popular I have to say. But, that doesn’t make their content (news aggregator) different from the one on my website. Yet, the Grudge Report did get the green light from Google AdSense and who knows for a long. I don’t know and I’m not interested in this matter. What’s crucial here: it’s how Google AdSense applies the terms and rules for some websites. The point is how inconsistent Google AdSense is.

So, what am I going to do to solve this issue against one of the world’s biggest company terms or rules? Am I the only one to have this sort of problem with Google Adsense?

The only thing I can do is to write and publish this post and try to get some clarification from Google AdSense. Help my website as well as others. Or as Google as many other “big companies” would do is: shut you up and carry on as nothing happened.

Globeinfolive is online. My website is for people to get more extensive and better informed daily news from around the globe. The website focus on all the main issues of the day and also the less important (for some). Many popular RSS feeds are available on the website. Also, If you like to add any of your desired RSS feeds, please let me know via the contact link.

Other agencies with inspiring articles and news are also added on my website. The idea is to give to the readers a piece of broader and more informed news. Rather than being stuck into a media tunnel. Globeinfolive explores matters like the green economy, Science, Travel, and Health. The categories are clear and relevant to the issue. Instead, the website mentioned above is all over the place. With no significant categories or placements. Globeinfolive updates every hour or so. So, the newsreaders will not miss any of the important news. I’m not so sure about the Grudge Report, but, this isn’t important.

The aim is to improve my website and make it more responsive and interactive with the readers.

Nowadays, many websites do not need ads from Google Adsense to earn some money. They can do it their way. They succeed or not. Who Knows? But, this doesn’t take away the fact that Google Adsense has to give answers to this type of behaviour.

My final thought is. I don’t want to compare my website to others and vice-versa. Because everyone is different and so is the content of the World Wide Web and I respect that. The comparison I made is to make sure Google Adsense gets the message and do something positive about it. It would be nice to see Google Adsense more thorough and consistent with its policy. And make a fair and equal assessment to ALL WEBSITES. Even if the website existed before the so-called Bing Bang.

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